Book Review for Leadership Through Strategic
by Annabel Beerel, Ph.D.

Title: Leadership Through Strategic Planning
Author: Annabel Beerel
International Thomson Business Press (ITP)
Place and Date of Publication: 1998, U.K.
Description: Softcover, 285 pgs

Leadership Through Strategic Planning explores how the world is moving into a new phase termed the Adaptive Age. This age places renewed emphasis on values, meaning-making and self-identity. In order for businesses to survive and thrive in this rapidly changing environment, they need a new kind of leadership and new leaders that take a holistic, pluralistic and multi-cultural approach to business challenges.

Providing new insights and perspectives on leadership and strategic planning, this book offers a working framework for exercising leadership through a revitalized strategic planning function, enabling the organization to orientate to new realities and foster its adaptive capacities for competitive success.

Key issues include:
  • the new realities facing businesses and the implications for leadership
  • adaptive versus technical work
  • the new leadership mindset
  • exercising leadership and performing systemic analyses
  • the new role of the strategic planning function

About the Author

Annabel Beerel is Director of Carpe Diem Ltd., a management consultancy which focuses on leadership, strategic planning and business ethics. She has over 25 years industry experience and has taught management courses at numerous academic institutions. She currently teaches at Radcliffe College at Simmons Graduate School of Management.

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