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Business and Professional Experience

Christos Papoutsy

Mr. Papoutsy began his career in electronics at Hollis Automation in 1964. Under his leadership, Hollis, and later Cooper Electronics, specializing in packaging electronic equipment, grew to become a world leader in the electronics industry with sales in excess of one hundred-fifty million dollars and two thousand employees worldwide. In 1988 Mr. Papoutsy divested himself of Cooper Electronics and subsequently became a partner in the venture capital business. A major philanthropist, he then formed a number of charitable foundations.

Mary Papoutsy

Mrs. Papoutsy completed her undergraduate degrees at the University of Southern Maine. At Rutgers University she subsequently earned an MA in both Greek and Latin, culminating in professional presentations at meetings for Classicists at St. Andrews in Scotland, St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire, and for the Foreign Language Association of Maine. Her teaching experience includes both secondary- and collegiate-level instruction in Greek and Latin. She later reactivated the Maine Classical Association, received an appointment to the New Hampshire Humanities Council, was named a trustee of The Greek Institute of Boston, and founded the Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association. She believes that every person can and will learn if exposed to the Classics, for they form the core of every proper education and provide the best possible linguistic foundation for higher education.

Educational Backgrounds

Christos Papoutsy

  • B.S., 1960, concentration in Business, New Hampshire College, New Hampshire, followed by post-collegiate study at Harvard University in law, mediation, arbitration, and psychology
  • Honorary Doctor of Law Degree, 1991, New Hampshire College, New Hampshire

Mary Papoutsy

  • M.A., 1999, Rutgers University, Greek and Latin
  • B.A., 1986, Classical Studies, University of Southern Maine
  • B.A., 1982, Biology, University of Southern Maine

Professional Associations and Memberships

Christos Papoutsy
Papoutsys with Patriarch Bartholomew I

Director, New Hampshire Mediation Association; Archons of New England; Leadership 100 of America; Board of Directors, Executive Committee, New Hampshire College, until 1992; Executive Director, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America, 1975-1985; Board of Directors, Revitalization of Vatoussa Foundation; Order of AHEPA

Mary Papoutsy

Co-Chair, Prof. John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series Advisory Board; Board of Directors, New Hampshire Humanities Council, 1998; Classical Association of New England (life); New Hampshire Classical Association; Board of Directors, Revitalization of Vatoussa Foundation; American Classical League; Daughters of Penelope (AHEPA); Women's Classical Caucus (life); Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association, founder; National Genealogical Society; New England Historical and Genealogical Society


  • Patriarch Bartholomaios I, Constantinople
  • Metropolitan Methodios of Boston
  • Former President George H. W. Bush
  • Dr. John Rouman, Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
  • Dr. Richard Gustafson, President Emeritus, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH
  • Dr. Athan Anagnostopoulos, Dir., Greek Institute of Boston and Thesavros tis Ellinikes Glosses, Athens, Greece
  • Mr. John Bosen, Esq., Bosen & Springer, P.L.L.C., Portsmouth, NH
  • Mr. Michael Whitney, Pres., Bank of America, Manchester, NH
  • Mr. Harry Healer, Venture Capital of New England, Boston
  • President Paul LeBlanc, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH

Papoutsy Significant Charitable Activities

Mr. and Mrs. Papoutsy believe that personal participation must be the cornerstone of all of their endeavors. In leadership positions, they have generously given of their time, talent, and resources while actively chairing numerous committees. As great benefactors, the Papoutsys undertook leadership roles in such worthy projects as the planning and completion of the multi-million dollar Greek Orthodox Diocesan Center in Brookline, Massachusetts; the major renovation of the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire; the Alumni center of Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire; the recently constructed community centers and renovated facilities of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Dover, New Hampshire, St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Newburyport, Massachusetts; and the construction of a park and amphitheatre in Vatoussa, Lesvos, Greece.

The Papoutsy Seminar for Women Entrepreneurs was established in 1993 through the funding and support of Christos Papoutsy. It was Mr. Papoutsy's wish to encourage women to learn more about what they need to know to start a business. The Papoutsy Fund for Women Entrepreneurs was established and endowed the first charitable fund of its kind in New Hampshire. It was made possible through a grant to the Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation, a regional division of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundcation. A series of educational seminars, open to women who live in the Greater Seacoast area, was designed to provide women with the business skills necessary to start or expand their business. They included a combination of: formal instruction by local business experts; panel discussions by local successful women entrepreneurs and resource providers; one-on-one assistance in writing your own business plan; and professional evaluation and critique of the completed business plan. The program also offers the opportunity for networking and collaboration among other successful women entrepreneurs. The seminars were all held at N. H. College (now Southern N.H. University).

One of the ecclesiastical projects of which they remain most proud is their leadership role in chairing the 1996 Blue Ribbon Committee Formed to Study the Feasibility of Purchasing a Summer Camp/Spiritual Retreat Center for the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Boston, a significant role which culminated in the subsequent acquisition of a pristine summer camp/year-round center to serve the spiritual needs of Greek Orthodox faithful of New England, recently renamed St. Methodios Faith Heritage Center.

The following year, Mr. and Mrs. Papoutsy established an endowment fund at the University of New Hampshire for a Classical Lecture Series named after one of the university's most distinguished faculty, a much respected Greek-American, Professor John C. Rouman; this series seeks to enhance awareness of the Classics by sponsoring public lectures given by world-renowned scholars.

In 1998 Mr. and Mrs.Papoutsy produced and directed a singular concert of 70 Greek musicians at Harvard University -- a complete sell-out event -- to benefit The Greek Institute of Boston and the Thesavros tis Ellinikes Glosses project in Athens.At this event Mr. Papoutsy filled a dual role of directing and performing, being the only santouri player among the musicians. Since then, he has established an acclaimed, 25-piece orchestra, the Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society Ensemble, which he also conducts.

In 2000, Mrs. Papoutsy founded the Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association to promote history and support Hellenic genealogical endeavors. Membership is free and open to all interested persons.

In 2001, Mr. and Mrs. Papoutsy endowed the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University established to address the university mission to develop within students the wisdom to lead ethical professional and personal lives.

Together, in 1998, Mr. and Mrs. Papoutsy have also established a non-profit, charitable venture, Hellenic Communication Service (HCS), the premier, free news and information service for Greeks and Greek communities in the U.S. and worldwide. The website of HCS is located at the Internet URL http://www.HellenicComServe.com. The site contains the latest updates in a national calendar of events, headline news, feature articles, ad much more. Hellenic Communication Service is dedicated to providing free posting of public announcements and news for Hellenic communities and organizations and free advertising for Greek-owned or sponsored businesses. Its website, which now receives about one million visitors yearly, has been made possible by a grant from the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation.

In 2005, the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation established Papco World Publishing (PWP), specializing in the publication of texts and substantial articles in the areas of Hellenic history, Hellenic genealogy, Greek music (including original musical scores), Classics, Hellenic studies, business, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility. This new publishing house will serve the needs of previously unpublished authors and families and communities wishing to produce archival-quality histories, as well as of veteran authors and institutions. Interested persons are encouraged to submit articles or abstracts and appropriate ancillary materials for consideration. Contact Papco World Publishing at email address papcoholding@papcoholdings.org; postal mailing address Papco Holding, PO Box 710, Rye Beach, NH 03871 USA.

These projects are fair representations of the worthy endeavors to which Mr. and Mrs. Papoutsy have contributed their time, talent, and resources in excess of several million dollars. Currently they are working to expand the scope of the lecture series at the University of New Hampshire, to endow and establish an ethics chair based on the Classics at Southern New Hampshire University, to expand a charitable foundation for Mr. Papoutsy's charming and picturesque ancestral village, Vatoussa, located on the Aegean island, Lesvos, to name but a few of their present activities.

Awards and Distinctions

Christos Papoutsy

  • New Hampshire Patron of the Arts Award, 1979
  • Title of Archon of the Holy and Great Church of Christ in Constantinople, 1980, conferred by Patriarch Demetrios of Constantinople
  • Athenagoras Award, New England Federation of Greek Orthodox Choirs, 2001
  • Medal of St. Paul, 1987, presented by Archbishop Iakovos of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese for chairing 1987 U.S. Cergy-Laity Congress in Boston
  • Citizen of the Year Award, 1994, Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Arete Award , Greek Institute of Boston, 1997
  • Pericles Award , AHEPA District No. 9, 1998
  • Key of the Municipality of Vatoussa, Lesvos, Greece, 1999
  • Athenagoras Award, New England Federation of Greek Orthodox Choirs, 2001
  • Whittemore School of Business, UNH Entrepreneurial Distinguished Speaker Award, 2003
Mary Papoutsy
  • Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1985
  • Awards for Excellence in Language Study from Board of Directors of Northeast Conference on Teaching of Foreign Languages:Latin, 1986; Greek, 1986
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminars for School Teachers Fellowship, 1989
  • Who's Who in the East, 1994
  • Arete Award, Greek Institute of Boston, 1997
  • Appointment to New Hampshire Humanities Council Board of Directors by Governor Jeanne Shaheen, 1998
  • Key of the Municipality of Vatoussa, Lesvos, Greece, 1999
  • Pericles Award, AHEPA District No. 9, 2000
  • Athenagoras Award, New England Federation of Greek Orthodox Choirs, 2001

Statement of Philosophy
Personal participation is the cornerstone of all of the endeavors of Mr. and Mrs. Papoutsy, including charitable activities. Only by actively participating, they believe, can we all ensure the health, dignity, freedom, and creativity of our society.

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