Dionysos--Metamorphosis and Ecstasy: Exhibition in Berlin

Until January 31, 2010 the Antikensammlung Staatliche (Collection of Classical Antiquities) Museum in Germany's Berlin hosts an antiquities exhibit on the ancient Greek god Dionysus.

This exhibition presents many facets of the god Dionysos with the help of extremely valuable pieces from the museum’s own collection, many of which the museum has been unable to show for several decades. The various transformations which the depiction of Dionysos has undergone in modern times are revealed by objects from the Museum of Decorative Arts. The exhibition complements the themes of the ‘Return of the Gods’ exhibition that will be taking place in the Pergamonmuseum at the same time.

This is an exhibition of the Collection of Classical Antiquities in co-operation with the Institute for Religious Studies and the Interdisziplinäre Zentrum Alte Welt of the Freie Universität Berlin, the Collaborative Research Centre 644 of the German Research Foundation and the Theatre and Festival in Europe project. Dionysos, a god of contradictions, fascinated the Greeks and still has an allure for us even today. We connect him with wine and ecstasy, music and dance, but also with metamorphosis, disguise and theatre.

The Collection of Classical Antiquities Museum contains Greek and Roman works, not only architectural remains, sculptures and vases, inscriptions and mosaics, but also bronzes and jewellery. It displays holdings in two locations: the Pergamon Museum and the main floor of the Altes Museum, Museumsinsel Berlin-Mitte. With mor than 850,000 visitors annually, the Pergamon Museum ranks among the most popular buildings of the state museums. Its main attraction is the Pergamon Altar (2nd century BC). The frieze depicting the battle between the Gods and Giants is regarded as a masterpiece of Hellenistic art. The next room to the south contains the market Gate of Miletus, an outstanding example of Roman architecture.

Exhibition hours are 9am-6pm daily. Visitor Entrance for the exhibition is at Pergamonmuseum, Am Kupfergraben 5, 10117 Berlin. For more information contact the museum at +49 (0) 30 - 2090-5577 or visit the website at http://www.smb.spk-berlin.de/smb/kalender/details.php?lang=en&objID=18336&p=1&typeId=10. Catalogue and tours available. Partial wheelchair access.

(Posting date 04 October 2009)

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