By Nick Maroulis, AFGLC International Coordinator

On April 12-17 I visited Bogota, Colombia. The purpose of the trip was to advance and speed up the process of setting up an AFGLC Center in Bogota. There is a very strong philhellenic environment in Bogota.

The first day, I attended a conference of the Bogota philhellenic association at the Caro Y Cuervo Institute. The program was excellent and very well attended. In an auditorium of 350 people there was standing room only. Also, I attended Sunday services at the local Greek Orthodox Church.. The two priests and the psalti officiating are natives, but not of Greek origin. The service was conducted in both biblical Greek and Spanish; it was a great experience.

The AFGLC team at Bogota consists of:

Dr. Ignacio Chaves Guevas, President
Dr. Luis Alfonso Ramirez Pena, Vice-President & Sr. Educational Advisor
Dr. Humberto Aragon Salazar, Legal Advisor
Dr. Jorge Enrique Borrero, Treasurer
Dr. Dimitris Crystodoulopoulos, Sr. Cultural Advisor
Dr. Fernando Munoz Perez, Membership Coordinator
Dr. Georgia Kaltsidou, Coordinator
Dr. Carmen Helena Bustamente Guerrero, Secretary
Mr. Alberto Betancourt Guerrero, Financial Advisor
Ms. Maria Fernanda Yanguas Syriopoulos, International Correspondent

At a dinner meeting, Dr. Ramirez expressed his and philohellenica's strong and enthusiastic support for AFGLC. He placed all the facilities of the philohellenica at the disposal of AFGLC.

While on this trip, I had the opportunity to stop at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There are about 200 families of Greek origin in Rio. However, no good statistics are available. There may be more, but they are probably not involved in philhellenic activities. There are about 25,000 people of Greek origin in Brazil. Most of them (around 10,000) live in San Paulo, where many Greek oriented organizations and activities exist. Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, also has a good number of people of Greek origin.

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