Other Candle Lights
Poems by John Manesis

Title: Other Candle Lights. Poems by John Manesis

Author: John Manesis

Publisher: Salonica Press

Date of Publication: June 2008

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1592321278

Price: USD$15.00

Description: 92pp softcover

Availability: Amazon.com or Seaburn Publishing Group

Book Release from Publisher

John Manesis, a retired physician, explores memory in Other Candle Lights, including themes related to his Greek American heritage and medical career. The poetry features a range of characters, from the well-known, like Elia Kazan and George Vizyenos, to everyday people whose voices speak to us. Many of the poems examine the island lore of his ancestors, immigrants' departures and returns, and their American experience.

Critics' Remarks

"The rhythms of his poems are generational heartbeats, spanning time and countries. He bears his heritage like a jewel, proudly displayed in this poetic showcase."--Dorothea Bisbas, author of Wreath of Desire.

"Like a true son of Ariadne, John Manesis threads his poetry through a maze of memory and desire to reveal a hidden landscape of people and places. The bittersweet poems in Other Candle Lights linger after one closes the book."--Debra Marquart, author of The Horizontal World.

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