Book Release for The Macedonia File: The Greek Minority in the FYROM under Bondage by Michael S. Chrysanthopoulos and the Pan-Macedonian Studies Center

Title: The Macedonia File: The Greek Minority in the FYROM under Bondage
Author: Michael S. Chrysanthopoulos and the Pan-Macedonian Studies Center
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of Publication: October 2010
Language: English
ISBN 10: 145378151X
ISBN-13: 978-1453781517
Price: US$25.00
Description: softcover, 480 pages
Availability: and other major online vendors

This book attempts to illuminate, somewhat, the History of Hellenism in the neighboring Republic of Skopje, which is suffering the consequences of the Third Phase of the Macedonian Question - which, in the Authors opinion, is darker the previous First Phase (1870-1912) and Second Phase (1912-1939). Research will continue and information will constantly improve, until the real nature of Slavism and its designs on Hellenism are revealed, because the Author’s firm belief is that Greeks and Slavs, being Orthodox Christians can live in harmony without incident, building an enviable peace in the Greek peninsula and a springboard for many accomplishments.

About the Author

The author, Michael Chrysanthopoulos, was born in Thessaloniki in 1966, where he finished his primary education. He studied Theology and History in Belgrade, Sofia, and Thessaloniki. He taught Theology, Iconography and History at Anatolia College of Thessaloniki and at Hellenic College of Thessaloniki. He was director of the Secretariat of the History of Pan-Macedonian Unity of Thessaloniki, which was connected to the corresponding institute of Australia, with its seat in Melbourne. He is a member of the Student's Coordination Committee for Northern Epirus's Rights, the cultural association "Makednos", the "Macedonian Movement for the Solidarity of the Cypriot People", former Secretary General of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Descendents of the Macedonian Freedom Fighters of Macedonia-Thrace and the Association for Macedonian Studies. He is a teacher, theologian-historian. He is fluent in Serbian, Bulgarian, Russian, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech, the dialect of the country of Skopje, English, and knows Old Church Slavonic. He holds a Master's degree in "Church History and Dogmatic Theology" from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Theological School). He has a degree in journalism from the Varosha Workshop of Free Studies Schools. He has been a correspondent for Australia's SBS satellite stations, headquartered in Melbourne, for 15 years. He has collaborated with many stations (private stations such as the former Sky station and Antenna, for which he was involved in war reporting from Kosovo) and for a decade he had his own show on local stations in Thessaloniki entitled "At the Centre of Events". He also had a radio show by the same name on the station "Radio Akrites" for five years. He has written many articles on national issues, particularly the Macedonian Question, in historically oriented periodicals in Thessaloniki. His articles and excerpts from his books are found in encyclopedias and historical studies.

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