Book Release for Uncertain Journey by James Rouman

Title: Uncertain Journey
Author: James Rouman
Publisher: Peter E. Randall Publisher
Date of Publication: November 2011
Language: English
ISBN10: 1-931807-89-2
ISBN13: 978-1-931807-89-0

Price: $20.00
Description: hardcover, 208 pages
Availability: National Book Network (, publisher, major online vendors

Description (from the publisher):

Meet the author's intriguing, realistic characters: Rejep, a young Albanian man dreaming of a new life; Eudoxia, a spirited Greek-American woman who defies her traditional upbringing. In his quest of a promising future, Rejep encounters unexpected problems after he flees his home in Albania. Uncertain Journey is the sotry of the challenges he faces as an illegal alien in places where he is unwanted. This fast-paced novel introduces the reader to a remarkable woman who helps him against the wishes of her Greek-American family--and to a host of memorable characters who live in teh condominium where he works anonymously, until his world, once thought secure, begins to unravel.

Reviews and Comments

"An illegal immigrant struggles to find a home in American in this moving tale of loneliness and belonging."--Kirkus Reviews (Remarkable Merit)

"Uncertain Journey puts a face on illegal immigration. . . It is a timely book as the nation struggles with a burgeoning population of illegal aliens."--Sandra Fromson, Ph.D. , Sociologist, University of Connecticut

"In our society . . . illegal immigration is discussed as if. . l it did not involve real people in real places doing real things. . . the author makes room for the human element--making it something of a love story."--Stephen Trzaskoma, Ph.D., Classicist, University of New Hampshire

About the Author

James Rouman was born and raised in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Following service in the navy during World War II, he graduated from Northwestesrn University Medical School and practiced at a major tertiary-care center in Connecticut. The author's first novel, Underwater Dreams, (Peter E. Randall Publisher, 2006) was warmly received. Odyssey Magazine said, "an interesting addition to the literature of the Greek-American immigrant experience."

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