Book Release for Confusing Words

by Peter Kipling Soteres

Title: Confusing Words
Author: Peter Kipling Soteres
Publisher:PublishAmerica Book Publishers
Place and Date of Publication: Baltimore 2002
ISBN: 1-59129-758-3
Price: $19.95 U.S.

"If Athens had a plan..." Fenix Stratos, teacher, textbook writer, and illegal immigrant finds himself
trapped in Greece. Ignorant of the language, eminently exploitable, he passes his days laboring
under the Dickensian gaze of Barbara Steven. His feeble efforts to extricate himself from Barbara
and Greece are catalyzed when he becomes sole witness to a motorcycle accident involving two

Confusing Words is a darkly comic novel tracking the fortunes of Fenix in the aftermath of the
crash. Prodded into activity, he is slowly forced to recognize the unintended consequences of his
actions and non-actions. The line between language and terrorism is crossed, and to escape Fenix
must ultimately turn to a man who has every reason to hate him.

About the Author

Peter Kipling Soteres grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and after several long bouts of education
wound up in Athens, Greece where he taught and wrote textbooks teaching English as a Foreign
Languauge. He now lives is San Jose, California with wife Desiree and daughter Zoe. When he
isn't dabbling in ontology, philosophical hermeneutics, or cognitive science, he spends his time with
his family or earning a living by the sweat of his fingertips.

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