Book Release for Fratzeska
by Chrishoula Demetrakakis

Title: Fratzeska
Author: Chrishoula Demetrakakis
Publisher: Iolkos Publishers
Date of Publication:2007 (2nd edition)
Place of Publication: Athens, Greece
: Greek
ISBN: 978-960-426-443-8
Description: Beyond good and bad. Beyond human weakness. A story whose characters, just as the lifegiving Grandmother of all people, reconcile with catastrophe and advance in her life with heart and soul. Fratzeska
is a universal legend of how at the brink of disaster, the most logical countermeasure can be launched. At the epicenter is Fratzeska, a young women who wrought infinite chaos at the hour of the Great Deliverance. Fratzeska, without fanfare, walked above the waves and held the conviction that everyone had to follow her. Fratzeska by Chrishoula Demetrakakis is a message for all persons searching and for those who think that their search has ended.
Availability: Contact publisher (Iolkos Publisher, Andreou Metaxa 12 & X. Pigis, Athens 106 81 Greece; Tel +30 210 3304111; Fax +30 210 3304211; email: or author Chrishoula Demetrakakis, Aristidou 82, Athens 176 72, Greece; Tel. +30 210 7485560; Fax. +30 210 7706346; email for more information

About the Author

Chrishoula Demetrakakis was born in Athens of Cretan descent (Rethymno). Concurrent with her studies (Human Resources Management, Public Relations, and Business Administration), she took up literary writing in Greek and English, creating poetry and then working in prose. She is a member of the World Union of Poets, of the Greek National Forum of Culture and Peace, of the American Academy of Poetry, the Union of Greek Writers, of Pacretan Union of Writers, of the Union of Journalists of Cretan Press, of UNESCO, of the Greek National Dance Council, of the Greek Red Cross. A business management executive with two children and is also interested in classical athletics. She is a long-distance runner, winning a silver medal in the Greek National Race of Messenia 2005. She was awarded the Gold Medal of Literature in 2006 by the National Awards of the Academy M. Madhusudan and the University of Calcutta. She is involved in public and professional service to her community as a judge for the Union of Writers, for the Conference on Poetry and Prose "Sikeliana" and for UNESCO. Additionally, she serves as a columnist for the newspapers "Cretan Review of Rethymno," for the "Chania News," for the periodical "Crete," for the paper "Patris" of Irakleio, Crete, and for many other literary periodicals and newspapers. Her first collection of poems, titled "Poetry," was distributed in 2005 by the European Publishers' Center.

(Posting date 9 August 2007)

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