Websites Recommended by HHGA

These sites have been selected by HHGA based upon several criteria: ease of use, accessibility, reliability of information, and ability to assist Hellenic genealogical research in a meaningful way. This list is not intended to be comprehensive. A number of noted sites have been omitted because they do not appear to meet these criteria. Inactive sites, websites duplicating any of the information readily obtained from these five selected sites, and sites dedicated largely to the

The mission of the HHGA is to promote the importance of Greek ancestry and history.

posting of queries have not been included among this list. By using this list of websites, HHGA feels that visitors may be able to conduct a search of the internet in one sitting and either locate key genealogical data or learn about its exact location and the means to obtain it.

This site contains the massive online database of the Ellis Island Foundation for the Ellis Island passenger ship records and manifests. Visitors can search the database for immigrant ancestors, view a digital copy of the actual handwritten manifest, and order copies of the manifests and photos of the passenger ships that carried relatives. Easily the most important site for ethnic genealogy in the U.S. See our article for information on how to use the online search engine to get the most information from a visit to this website.

A massive database of ship records and manifests is available online.

Formerly one of the top websites for genealogical research in the U.S. It is no longer maintained by a non-profit group, but by for-profit giant Nevertheless, the site still permits visitors to search a number of important, free, online U.S. databases such as the Social Security Death Index and others for information about ancestors and relatives.

This site is one of the most important general genealogy sites in the U.S., although many of its databases are available only through the purchase of a pricey online subscription. This site has large numbers of massive databases covering vital statistics, federal censuses, draft registration cards, city directories, historical newspapers, and more, with the amount of available data growing each month. Among the best features of this site are the free downloadable forms for research and recording information extracted from online digital images of federal census and other important records. When used together with the Rootsweb site, these two can cast a rather wide net for beginning genealogical research.

This website for the Preservation of American Hellenic Heritage continues to grow regularly through the addition of information and resources for persons interested in the history of Greeks in the U.S. Information about archival collections and their location throughout the country is helpful for locating early history about specific Greek communities. The site also publishes memoirs and book reviews, both of which may be helpful in learning more about the historical milieu of immigrant ancestors.

Dr. Catsakis-Bywater has developed this site as an outgrowth of her experience in Hellenic genealogical research. Her site provides a concise overview of the information available in Greece. Maps and other finding aids assist visitors; Dr. Catsakis-Bywater has also authored a number of helpful texts and gazetteers for Greek genealogical research. Note that there are no databases on this site, nor is there any assistance for beginning a Greek genealogical search in th U.S., a step recommended by Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association. is one of the best sites for general tutorials and methodological information. Even though there is little, if any, specific information for Hellenic research, this site will assist viewers in understanding how much information may be available in the U.S. to enhance a family history and how to go about obtaining it.

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