Thanks to emerging technologies, chiefly among them news feeds and mobile technology, HCS readers can now connect directly with the best sources for news from Greece. We're redesigning our Greek News section to reflect these recent advances. Our staff have surveyed a wide range of outlets and have listed their Internet addresses below with brief annotations describing a few salient features of each one.

The boundaries between radio and TV have blurred considerably in Greek media broadcasts. Some stations listed as "TV" began as radio stations and still function primarily as radio stations, but broadcast live visual content as well. Broadcasts are in Greek language, but the largest of the national news sources offer options on online webpages for English versions.

Because most television stations also broadcast Internet content and have radio counterparts, we'll subdivide the media outlets along the lines of region of coverage of news. Wherever possible, we'll also note features for which the station is best known. Since nearly every major town and city has several news outlets, we'll undoubtedly overlook some good sources (our apologies in advance for inadvertent omissions). Occasionally we'll review the listings to update information and add newly discovered sources.

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In the case of To Vima and Kathimerini, these clearly began as national newspapers and later branched out into Internet and other media. They still remain among the nation's largest printed news dailies and most readily recognizable news sources. ANA-MPR began as two separate news agencies before they merged into Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency, creating another news powerhouse. This news outlet also has a wide international audience and an attractive and easily navigable layout. HCS editors recommend these three sites for Greek national news.

Blogs and Facebook pages abound for all areas of Greece, especially villages and village associations and specialty interests. These are too numerous for HCS to list individually, with one exception: The New Athenian, an English-language blog created by John Psaropoulos, former editor of The Athens News, and a contributor to HCS. Mr. Psaropoulos has the best news- analysis blog on current issues. HCS therefore also recommends The New Athenian to readers.


To Vima --one of the largest news outlets of Greece producing daily newspapers and maintaining a streamlined, up to the minute news digest online. Choice of Greek or English versions. Straightforward, easily navigable national news site without advertising clutter. Top pick of HCS editors.

Kathimerini--the largest news organization in Greece today. Coordinates full-featured web news page, including RSS feeds and links to Facebook and Twitter, with daily newspapers and connections to International New York Times. News coverage of wider region, including southeastern Europe. Choice of Greek or English version. Another top pick of HCS editors.

ANA-MPR (Athens-Macedonian News Agency)--one of the largest news organizations in Greece, representing a merger of the formerly separate Athens News Agency and Macedonian Press Agency. Full-featured web news page, with social media links and up-to-the-minute news national--and international--news coverage. Choice of Greek or English version. Another top selection of HCS staff.

ERT TV--Once closed by the Greek government during its austerity programs, the offspring of this popular national television station, under the title, has arisen to take its place among the Internet media. Site appears to contain archives, current news and information, links to social media. Content in Greek. . The "ERT" is also streamed live at where it has social media links, as well as downloadable apps for mobile use (both Android and Apple). Most important, there is an English-language option.

Skai Live from Greece--a national Greek TV station based in Pireus. It is part of the Skai Group (news, television, and radio), one of the largest media groups in Greece. Focus on entertainment and information. Facebook, twitter and other social media links. Greek-language web pages. Live broadcast link at .

Antenna 1--a national Greek TV station with popular programming, including news and cultural programs. Direct streaming from Greece not possible, according to Antenna site, but mirror satellite links for foreign viewers available. U.S. and North America can see live broadcasts in Greek language at Mirror sites full-featured, including social media links. Although there is an option for English-language, this appears to apply only to the home page and not to the regular news or broadcasts.Site not quickly navigable.




  • news and information service. Includes some national news, but focus on Chios. Good range of topics, attractive lay-out with simple navigation. Greek language. Links to social media and RSS feed. Listing at bottom of home page of major articles during last week.

  • Politis--Internet newspaper for Chios. Includes some national news, but primarily features Chian news. Good range of topics, attractive use of images to accompany news snippets on home page. Filled with distracting advertising. Links to social media.

  • Dhras TV--live radio station broadcasting from Kos, Greece and dedicated to national and local news, culture, and sports. Content in Greek. Web TV broadcasts.

  • Archipelagos TV--tv & radio network its based on Lesvos, dedicated to national and local news (Northeast Aegean). Content in Greek.

  • news and information site. Greek-language. Includes national and regional news (Lesvos), as well as a section dedicated to news of Limnos. Up to the minute breaking news posted continuously. Wide range of topics and cultural content, written text and imagery. Links to all major social media.

  • radio news broadcast with written news digest with focus on island Lesvos. Greek-language. Attractive layout to site. Good range of topics and cultural content.

  • Samiaki TV--live radio station dedicated to news, film, and entertainment from Samos. Content in Greek. Includes Web TV and has links to social media.


  • Crete TV--live radio station dedicated to Cretan news, film, sports and Greek national news. Primarily serves island Crete and is based in Iraklion (Herakleion). Greek language broadcast and Internet content.

  • Nea TV--live radio station broadcasting from Chania, Greece and dedicated to news, film, and entertainment of Crete and the nation. Content in Greek. Web TV broadcasts. Links to social media.


  • Ellada TV--Ellada TV is a live radio and TV station broadcasting from Sparti, Greece and dedicated to news and culture of Laconia in the southern Peloponnese. Online webpages and broadcasts in Greek. Links to social media.


  • Ena Channel--live radio station broadcasting from Kavala, Greece and dedicated to national and local (Kavala) news, talk, and culture. Content in Greek, with links to social media. Also broadcasts on Web TV.

  • TV100--live radio station broadcasting from Thessaloniki, Greece and dedicated to national and Thessaloniki news, film, and culture. Content in Greek. Live TV broadcasts with separate feeds for radio programs.


  • Mesogeios TV--live radio station broadcasting from Kalamata, Greece and dedicated to news, sports, and entertainment locally and nationally. Content in Greek.


  • Astra TV--live radio station broadcasting from Volos, Greece (Thessaly) and dedicated to news and entertainment. Content in Greek. Includes Web TV and television broadcasts and has links to social media.

    Tachydromos Panthessaliki Newspaper--print and online news source for Magnisia (Thessaly). Content in Greek with latest news in wide range of subjects. Links to social media. Includes radio broadcasts.


  • Delta TV--live radio station dedicated to news, information, and culture. Based in Alexandroupolis, Thrace. Covers local news of Thrace and national news. Content in Greek. Includes Web broadcasts and has links to social media.

  • Xanthi News--radio station, newspaper with online national and local (Xanthi) news. Content in Greek. Links to social media. Good range of topics and use of imagery. Advertising is a distraction.

  • O Chronos News--radio station, newspaper and online local (Komotini) news. Content in Greek. Links to social media. Range of topics. Attractive layout of webpage. Easily navigated.


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