A New Dimension in Greek and American Music

Georgia Theo vocals
Nick Kokoras bouzouki & vocals
George Kokoras keyboard & clarinet

9 Tara Rd., Peabody, MA 01960
Tel.: 978-531-0033 or 531-3138

For over 20 years this popular ensemble has delighted Greek audiences throughout New England and the country, performing at dances, weddings, festivals, and other events. Their extensive repertoire of songs includes all of the traditional regional folk songs of Greece and Asia Minor, as well as the most popular hits from Greek nightclubs. The Kokoras Ensemble prides itself on using only the latest, state-of-the-art technology to enhance their finely honed musical talents.

Background of the Ensemble

George and Nick Kokoras are brothers with impressive musical backgrounds, both graduates of the Gaviaianni School of Music. They were first introduced to the world of music by their father who bought George an accordion when he was 8 years old and Nick his first guitar at the age of 11. Encouraged by George's ability and success with the accordion, the elder Kokoras also bought his son a clarinet. Concurrently, Nick became more accomplished with the guitar. The brothers played with The Athenians for several years, and by 1965, they began appearing together in nightclubs and at functions throughout the United States. Later, George added the keyboard to his skills, and Nick began playing the bouzouki.

In 1978, the brothers formed the Kokoras Ensemble, and shortly afterward Georgia Theo, a talented musician and vocalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, joined them. Georgia was first introduced to Greek music at the age of 18 by Tomme and the Grecian Knights Band of Pittsburgh with whom she sang for 3 years until her move to Boston. Once in New England, not only did she join the Kokoras Ensemble, but she and Nick also fell in love and married. The Kokoras families make their homes today in the Peabody, Massachusetts area.