The Levendes started as kids in 1975 and have been together for 30 years giving each member of the Levendes an average of 28 years stage experience. They started playing weddings, festivals and dances and have performed for countless audiences across the U.S. and Canada. They give a unique flair to traditional and Modern Greek music with a vast repertoire of Dimotika, Rebetika and modern Laika. They have performed with many Greek stars ranging from the Trio Bel Canto to Yiannis Parios. Members of the Levendes collectively have 11 professional recordings to their credit including the four popular Levendes CD's "Welcome to Greektown," "Taverna," "Mediterranean Montage" and "Athens After Dark". In 2006, The Levendes released their fifth CD, “Double Exposure” in which they take Greek music to a new level.

Pete Alexander started the band in 1975. Pete is considered the heart and soul of the Levendes by other band members. His unique interpretations of Greek music have withstood the test of time. Pete started playing bouzouki at age 10 and anchors the group. He is the lead vocalist of the Levendes and has made the group what it is today. His solid bouzouki playing and his ‘Frank Sinatra’ flair to the lyrics give a new texture to Greek music. Above all, Pete's golden voice is a major component of the well-known "Levendes sound".

Chris Shafkalis, who became a Levendi in 1980, is the solid ‘core’ of the Levendes. Chris started his musical career at age 13 and hasn’t ceased to excel since. His ability on the keyboards is second to none. He is the musical ‘brains’ of the group and is responsible for giving the Levendes the perfect sound. His technological and computer expertise has allowed the Levendes to capture a modern sound to even the oldest dimotika songs. Chris is able to walk this musical "tightrope" expertly in that the original integrity of the old songs is never lost. His knowledge of music allows him to play bass and keyboards together, while completing the Levendes classic 3-part harmonies-all at the same time. Chris could truly be a ‘one man band’.

Harry Harris (originally Herouvis) joined the band in 1981. He is the ‘voice’ of the Levendes and is the band spokesman. Harry adds a humorous flair to his job as master of ceremonies with the Levendes and has the ability to capture and coordinate any affair. His musical education in jazz and folk guitar along with his Greek background adds spice to the traditional Greek music. Harry’s unique ideas compliment and inspire the group’s sound. He is also a harmony vocalist. Along with Chris, Harry also coordinates the bands extensive American music repertoire.

Phil Lampos, who joined the band in 1984, rounds out the Levendes. He is affectionately known as ‘the money man’ because you can count on Phil not to miss a beat. His driving drum rhythms won’t let your feet stop moving and will make you want to dance all night long. You can count on him to fill the affair with kefi and energy. His excitement travels through his drums and ignites the band.

In 1999, Johnny Pappas became the ‘5th’ member of the Levendes. Johnny, affectionately known as ‘yiatre’, has performed all over the U. S and Canada as well as panagiria and cruises in Greece. Johnny’s musical career started at the age of nine and by 12 made his first recording. Johnny has 30 years on the bouzouki and also adds a second lead vocal to the group. Together with the 'patriarch' of the group, Pete Alexander, Johnny and Pete give the Levendes a dynamic, sweet harmonizing bouzouki sound

Peter Alexander--Bouzouki, Vocals
Pete, also known as the Patriarch, is one of the original Levendes. Since 1975, he's been entertaining people with his magic fingers and his golden voice. He started playing bouzouki at the age of 10, when his papou brought a bouzouki from Greece.

Chris Shafkalis--Keyboards, Vocals
Chris has been playing keyboards since 1970. He started taking lessons when he was 6 years old. His knowledge of technology keeps the Levendes sounding studio perfect every performance.

Harry Harris--Guitar, Vocals
Third member in the band. Harry is known as the mouthpiece of The Levendes at all their functions. His Greek rhythm guitar playing stems from his extensive background in American folk and rock guitar. This, in combination with Greek adds to the entire rhythm section.

John Pappas--Bouzouki, Vocals
John is the newest one in the group, started in August of 1999. His talents accent the overall sound of the Levendes by adding the true "diplo penyes" (2 bouzoukia in harmony). He is truly a master at his instrument...possibly one of the finest in the country.

Phil Lampos--drums
Phil is the backbone of the group. He was self taught starting at the age of 12. His powerful rhythm will keep you dancing all night long.

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