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Greek Traditions
Nicholas Gage calls it "indispensable." Professor Charles Moskos of Northwestern University says that he learned more about Hellenism and Greek Orthodoxy from this book than from any other. Find out more about this widely praised book and its author, Marilyn Rouvelas.
Apollo's Legacy
Published by Hellenic College Press, Apollo's Legacy--The Hellenic Torch in America at the Dawn of the New Millennium aims to prove to the world that "great Hellenic accomplishments are not a thing of the distant past."

Carved In Stone
Basil S. Douros wrote CARVED IN STONE because he wants the story of his immigrant ancestors to never be forgotten. He wrote the book for his family but he also wrote it for all of us who are either immigrants or children of immigrants. And he wrote it for our children as well. Reviewed By Sophia Nibi

ALEA III Promotes New Music

"It is a strange business," New Yorker critic Alex Ross has written about contemporary classical music. "You have to believe deeply in yourself to get through the process. You have to be possibly a little mad."

Ancient City Antioch Rediscovered in Worcester
Last October the Worcester Art Museum opened its most expensive and ambitious art exhibition, Antioch: The Lost Ancient City. By Mary Papoutsy

Streets of Nafplion
Reveal Greek History
At the time of the War of Independence, Nafplion was considered by the Turks to be one of the most powerful strongholds in the Peloponessus. Today Nafplion is better known as an idyllic holiday resort. By Elisabeth Herschbach
The Greek War of Independence
I went down the many steps and looked up to the small opening through which the "lambro fengaraki" (bright little moon) illuminated the ground below. And for a fleeting moment.. I saw a moonlit classroom, the Priest-teacher surrounded by wide-eyed children learning in whispers about Orthodox Christianity and Hellenic Culture, the priceless twosome that is our heritage.
by Sophia Nibi