Malamellis: Painter of Lesvos

A sense of history and tradition abounds in all of the works of Malamellis. Just as his writing reflects legends and actual events recalled by island elders, so too do his original oil paintings evoke the enduring grace and serenity of the beautiful locales of Lesvos.

About Lesvos and Vatoussa, Home of Malamellis

First-time visitors to the island remark that their impression of it, as it emerges from the deep, blue Aegean, is of sheer beauty.

The Vatoussa Revitalization Foundation

Founded in 1999 through a grant by the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation, this new organization aims to improve the public welfare and preserve the history, physiognomy and traditions of the village of Vatoussa.

Malamellis Exhibition Catalogue

Fifty paintings by celebrated Lesvos artist Panagiotis Malamellis

A Celebration of the Art, Music and Literature of Lesvos at The Greek Institute

Bitter Laughter--by Malamellis

With his Bitter Laughter, Panagiotis Melemellis manages to keep alive and bring near us an era that is gone. The author loves the world he grew up in. A multitude of people parade through his pages and with his pen he "paints" their simplicity, their faults, their cunnings, their craftiness and their human nature.

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