Pan-CretanAssociation (PAA) Accepting
Applications for 2007 Scholarships


The PAA Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications for the 2007 Venizelion Scholarship Program. For your convenience, an application request form is reprinted in here: Print Form (Word Document.) Also in PDF: Print Form*

This request form is to be completed, signed by the applicant's chapter president and the secretary or one other officer, then approved and signed by the District Governor. The District Governor will then mail the form to the Scholarship Committee Chairman. Scholarship Application packets will then be mailed to eligible applicants. The completed applications will be evaluated by a team of college/university graduates and/or professors, then final selection will be made by the PAA Scholarship Committee and the District Governors. Results will be announced during the second quarter of 2007.

To be eligible for a PAA Scholarship, you must be a paid-up, regularly participating member of a PAA Chapter, PYA Chapter, or a member-at-large for the calendar years 2006, 2007. Your name must appear on the National PAA Secretary's Official List of Members. Make sure that your chapter has submitted your name to the national office as a paid-up member.

For more information, contact the Pan-Cretan Association or visit the organization's website at the URL

(Posting date 10 December 2006

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