Papoutsy Arts Venture Fund Nears $400,000 in Grants

Portsmouth, NH--Since its inception in 1992, the Papoutsy Arts Venture Fund has dispensed approximately $400,000 in grants to improve access to the arts in the Portsmouth and greater New Hampshire Seacoast region by strengthening smaller arts organizations and by supporting community projects of local artists. As a result, the fund has helped maintain the artistic diversity and vitality of the region.

Created by Christos Papoutsy, the fund is a permanent tribute to his appreciation for the arts. According to him, by "supporting the arts we support people. Our support enables participation on all levels--audiences, performers, and patrons alike--and our lives are enriched by the experience. We all grow from personal involvement with the arts."

The fund has been involved in many exciting initiatives and artistic ventures. Among its most rewarding activities has been the "affiliation between artists and nonprofit organizations. Through these unique partnerships, artists are gaining greater visibility and recognition, and organizations are being served in new and exciting ways," indicated Elaine Krasker, former New Hampshire state senator.

The following groups and artists have received grants from the fund:

  • Pontine Movement Theatre--$5,000
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival--$5,000
  • Fishermen's Cooperative--$6,760
  • Ballet New England--$4,100
  • New Hampshire Feminist Health Center--$1,125
  • Strawbery Banke Chamber Music Festival--$2,000
  • The Blues Bank Collective--$4,690
  • Port of Portsmouth Maritime Museum--$10,000
  • A Safe Place--$1,600
  • Children's Museum of Portsmouth--$4,117
  • Very Special Arts New Hampshire--$6,035
  • Very Special Arts New Hampshire--$5,725
  • Old York Historical Society--$1,000
  • Seacoast Wind Ensemble--$1,000
  • Ballet New England--$3,000
  • New Hampshire Writers' Project--$750
  • City of Portsmouth--$5,000
  • Seacoast Repertory Theater--$2,000
  • Portsmouth Women's Chorus--$2,000
  • Edwin Booth Theater--$2,000
  • Ballet New England--$3,500
  • Portsmouth School Department--$3,000
  • Seacoast Repertory Theater--$3,000
  • Blues Bank Collective--$1,000
  • Ballet New England--$3,000
  • Friends of the Music Hall--$2,400
  • Pontine Movement Theatre--$2,000
  • Seacoast Repertory Theatre--$1,500
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival--$2,000
  • New Hampshire Writers' Project--$1,000
  • New Hampshire Theatre Project--$2,680
  • Eliot Elementary School--$500
  • Portsmouth Middle School--$500
  • Central Elementary School--$500
  • Players Ring Theatre--$500
  • Players Ring Theatre--$1,900
  • City of Portsmouth--$3,600
  • Edwin Booth Theater--$2,000
  • Friends of the Music Hall--$2,500
  • Kid Care of Eliot, Inc.--$500
  • Players Ring Theatre--$1,500
  • Portsmouth Percussive Dance Festival--$1,000
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival--$500
  • Ballet New England--$2,100
  • Friends of the Music Hall--$800
  • Pontine Movement Theatre--$1,500
  • Portsmouth Middle School--$500
  • North Hampton School--$500
  • North Berwick Primary School--$500
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival--$1,750
  • Portsmouth Women's Chorus--$1,000
  • Ballet New England--$2,000
  • Exeter Center for Creative Arts--$1,500
  • Seacoast Repertory Theatre--$5,000
  • Players Ring Theatre--$4,000
  • Pontine Movment Theatre--$3,000
  • St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church--$5,000
  • Strawbery Banke Chamber Music Festival--$2,500
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival--$950
  • Portsmouth Women's Chorus--$1,000
  • Ballet New England--$2,000
  • Portsmouth Arts & Historical Collaborative--$650
  • New Hampshire Theatre Project--$750
  • Pontine Movment Theatre--$650
  • The Arts Committee of Rye Elementary School--$500
  • Seacoast Repertory Theatre--$1,000
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival--$1,000
  • Portsmouth Women's Chorus--$1,000
  • Cross Roads House--$1,500
  • Strawbery Banke Museum--$2,500
  • Seacoast Family YMCA--$4,800
  • Newmarket Main Street Corporation--$2,000
  • Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation--$1,500
  • Ballet New England--$2,500
  • The Music Hall--$1,000
  • Blues Bank Collective--$1,000
  • Greater Piscataque Community Foundation--$7,500
  • Blues Bank Collective--$1,500
  • NH Humanities Council, Inc.--$1,400
  • Portsmouth Percussive Dance Festival--$3,000
  • Artists' Collaborative Theatre of New England (Act One)--$500

    "Only by participating can
    we ensure the health,
    dignity, freedom, and
    creativity of our society."
    --Christos Papoutsy

    Black granite sculpture of a dolphin
    created by Cabot Lyford for the Port of
    Portsmouth Maritime Museum

  • Ballet Theatre Workshop--$1,500
  • Seacoast Wind Ensemble--$1,000
  • The Mill Pond Center for the Arts--$1,030
  • ABC Project--$2,500
  • Families First of the Greater Seacoast--$2,000
  • Artists' Collaborative Theatre of New England (Act One)--$4,000
  • Portsmouth Percussive Dance Festival--$2,000
  • Durham Main Street Program--$1,000
  • Amare Cantare--$2,400
  • Granite State Choral Society--$2,000
  • Portsmouth Women's Chorus--$2,000
  • Strafford County Wind Symphony--$600
  • Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation--$2,500
  • Durham Lite Opera Co.--$950
  • New Hampshire Theatre Project--$2,000
  • Rochester Opera House--$1,000
  • Artists' Collaborative Theatre of New England (Act One)--$5,000
  • Ballet Theatre Workshop--$3,250
  • Artists' Collaborative Theatre of New England (Act One)--$5,000
  • Garrison Players, Inc.--$1,400
  • Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program--$2,900
  • Lullabies & Reveilles--$5,000
  • MicroCredit New Hampshire--$5,000
  • The Music Hall--$5,000
  • Granite State Choral Society--$1,325
  • Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program--$1,165
  • Portsmouth Women's Chorus--$500
  • Players Ring Theatre--$3,000
  • Pontine Movement Theatre--$1,000
  • Community Chorus at South Berwick--$3,500
  • Rochester Opera House--$10,000
  • Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program--$2,500
  • BlueSky Theater--$2,500
  • Portsmouth Percussive Dance Festival--$2,500
  • Seacoast Repertory Theatre--$2,000
  • Children's Museum of Portsmouth--$2,000
  • Portsmouth Women's Chorus--$1,200
  • New Hampshire Theatre Project--$2,200
  • Artists-In-Residence--$3,800
  • Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program--$5,000
  • Portsmouth Men's Chorus--$5,000
  • New Hampshire Theatre Project--$4,000
  • Players Ring Theatre--$5,000
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center--$9,000
  • Art-Speak--$4,650
  • Kittery Art Association--$5,000
  • Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program--$5,000
  • Friends of The Music Hall--$1,666
  • Portsmouth Pro Music--$4,100
  • Art-Speak--$4,000
  • Harbor Light Productions--$14,000
  • Friends of The Music Hall--$1,666
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival--$10,000
  • Arts in Reach--$2,000
  • Friends of The Music Hall--$1,666
  • Players Ring Theatre--$5,000
  • Rochester Opera House--$10,000
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center--$12,000
  • Art Esprit--$4,000
  • Main Street Art--$4,800
  • Kent Stephens' STAGE FORCE--$10,000

(Posting date 24 March 2006; updated 05-02-12)

For more information about the Arts Venture Fund or the Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation, contact Celina Adams, Senior Program Officer, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Piscataqua Region, 446 Market St., Portsmouth, NH 03801, tel. 603-430-9182, ext. 1272, email

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