Dr. Paul Properzio Appointed to APA Editorial Board of Amphora Journal

Dr. Paul Properzio, a member of the Advisory Board of the John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series at the University of New Hampshire, has received a prestigious national appointment to the Editorial Board for Amphora, an outreach journal of the American Philological Association. A member of the UNH board since the inception of the Lecture Series, Dr. Properzio is an alumnus of the University of New Hampshire and has close ties to the Classics Program there and to Dr. John C. Rouman after whom the Series is named. The recipient of many other awards and honors locally and nationally, and the author and presenter of numerous papers and publications, Properzio currently teaches at Boston Latin Academy.

Properzio was also selected by the American Philological Association to receive its.Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Classics at the Precollegiate Level. Colleagues described him as a "teacher who challenges and inspires his students as he leads them to 'something serious and important,' and who has served. . . [the] profession loyally over three decades." Mutual respect and high expectations are the cornerstones of his successful teaching philosophy.

The American Philological Association is the most prestigious professional organization nationwide for teachers of Classics. In addition to its journal, Transactions of the American Philological Association, which reproduces papers presented at its yearly meeting, it has developed an outreach publication, Amphora.

Amphora is currently an annual publication that aims to convey the excitement of classical studies to a broad readership by offering accessible articles written by professional scholars and experts on topics of classical interest that include literature, language, mythology, history, culture, classical tradition and the arts, and by featuring reviews of current books, films, and web sites. Sponsored by the Committee on Outreach and supported by the APA, Amphora will be for everyone interested in the study of ancient Greece and Rome. Engaging and informative, this publication is intended for a wide audience that will include professional classicists, present and former classics majors, interested academics and professionals in other fields, high-school teachers and students, administrators in the field of education, community leaders, and anyone with a strong interest in or enthusiasm for the classical world.

(Posting date 24 September 2013)

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