Classical Association of the Atlantic States Awards Ovatio to Dr. Paul Properzio

FDr. Paul Properzio, a member of the Advisory Board of the John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) has been the recipient recently of a prestigious honor presented by the Classical Association of the Atlantic States: an ovatio. His active participation on the Advisory Board at UNH since the inception of the Lecture Series in 1997 echoes his extensive efforts regionally and nationwide within the field of Classics.

Each year at its annual meeting the Classical Association of the Atlantic States presents ovationes to members who have been selected by the Awards Committee for their significant service to the discipline and the organization. The ovatio is read in Latin by a colleague close to the honoree toward the end of a meal, while copies of the ovatio in Latin and English are distributed to attendees.

The ovatio recognizes long and distinguished service to CAAS and/or to the classics community by those in the CAAS region, especially by those retiring or concluding a long term of service. Nominees and nominators need to be CAAS members in good standing. Professor Judith Hallett of the Department of Classics at the University of Maryland, wrote and presented the ovatio for Dr. Properzio.

Paul Properzio (Boston Latin Academy)
and Judith Hallett (University of Maryland,
College Park). CAAS website

Ovatio: Paul Properzio

Latin text:

Sicut cives huius amantissimae urbis omnes incolas eius tamquam germanos germanasque diligunt, sic hodie celebramus magistrum doctissimum et alacerrimum ut fratrem dilectissimum nobis habendum. Postquam apud Universitatem civitatis ex duriore lapide factae gradum Baccalaurei Artium accept, gradus Magistri Artium et Doctoris Philosophiae apud Universitatem se affirmantem ad maiorem dei gloriam in urbe ventosa meruit (1). Multos anos laboravit in hac regione patriae nostrae et pro societate nostra, quibus servivit nobiliter in officio praesidis. Plurimos annos docuit in urbe pulchra propter pedes peregrinorum, illustri propter pedes textis rubris cinctor, apud venerabilem sedem disciplinae Latinae. Studiosus linguarum variorum, investigavit antiquaw gentes tunsas longe resonantibus Eoissimis undis, causa comparandorum scriptorium et consuetudinum eorum cum operibus moribusque antiquorum Graecorum et Romanorum. Dux et vox foederis classici patriae nostrae, honoratus propter praestantiam docendi, sicut docta puella dicitur cepisse poetam antiquum eiusdem nominis ocellis, cepit nos diligentia (2). Plaudamus igitur Paul Properzio.

Lauri Dabbieri
Robert Lanar
Kenneth Silverman
Katrina Szabo
Adam Williams
Judith P. Hallett, University of Maryland, College Park

English translation (3)

Just as the citizens of this city, Philadelphia, cherish all of her inhabitants like sisters and brothers, so today we celebrate a most learned and energetic teacher who ought to be considered a most dearly beloved brother figure to us. After he received his BA from the University of New Hampshire, the Granite State, he earned his MA and PhD degrees at Loyola University in Chicago. For many years he worked in this region and for our asociation, which he nobly served as president; for a great many years he has taught in Boston, at its esteemed Latin Academy. Proficient in many languages, he has studied ancient Chinese culture, comparing its customs and literature with those of classical Greece and Rome. An exemplary leader of the American Classical League, whose newsletter he edited for ten years, honored by the American Philological Association for outstanding teaching, he has captured our affection and gratitude by his devotion to our common cause in the Propertian tradition. Let us thus applaud Paul Properzio.

2013-2014 Awards Committee: Ann Raia, Chair, Janet M. Martin, Nathan Costa, Judith P. Hallett, Program Coordinator liaison.


(1) Ad maiorum dei gloriam, motto of Loyola University in Chicago
(2) Propertius 1.1 Cynthia prima suis miserum me cepti ocellis
(3) The American Classical League, The ACL Newsletter, vol. 36, no. 2 (Nov. 2013) : 15.

(Posting date 24 November 2013)

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