Book Release for Regional Greek Cooking by
Dean & Catherine Karayanis

Title:Regional Greek Cooking
Author: Dean & Catherine Karayanis
Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc.
Date of Publication: March 2008
ISBN 13: 978-0-7818-1146-0
Description: Hardcover; 303 pages 6 x 9
Availability: Review copies: (212) 685-4371; Fax: (212) 779-9338;
To place an order: Phone: (718) 454-2366; Fax: (718) 454-1391; or visit

When one Greek meets another he is likely to ask something like, "How does your 'Yiayia' prepare moussaka?" He's not just looking for a new variation of his grandmother's eggplant-and-Iamb casserole. . . .That really means: "Come share dinner in my home. I'll make you a dish from the little village where my family is from."

Greek food entails more than just gyros, spinach pie, and baklava. Accessible to both experienced and home chefs, Regional Greek Cooking showcases over 220 easy-to-follow recipes sampled from the key regions of mainland Greece as well as the islands. Accompanying the unique, family-oriented recipes are charming historical notes and family anecdotes which enliven the community spirit of Greek cuisine.

The recipes in this volume reflect the diverse culinary tradition of Greek cooking, which has been enriched by such influences as the Arabic tastes of North Africa and the cuisine of the Sephardic Jews of Spain. Featured dishes include long-time favorites Kleftiko ke Marouli (Roast Lamb with Lettuce Salad), and Youvarlakia (Meatballs and Rice in Avgolemono Soup), as well as more distinct fare like Calamari Gemista Aphrodite (Aphrodite Stuffed Squid) and Asatakou Paros (Lobster Paros).

Also presented are sections on Greek drinks, including micro-brewed beers, regional wines, ouzos, cocktails, teas, coffees, and more. Handy glossaries of Greek cooking terms, wine terms, and ingredients help-cooks to "go-Greek" more easily!

About the Author(s)

Dean Karayanis has authored news, sketch comedy, and opinion pieces for TV, radio, and online for over 10 years. In his spare time, Dean reverts to his roots, whipping up Greek culinary masterpieces. Catherine Karayanis is author of numerous online computing courses and articles, as well as four books on networking, database administration, and operating systems for McGraw-Hill. She has also worked in the restaurant business for several years.

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