Smyrna, September 1922: Searching for the Truth About the Evacuation
A Hellenic Communication Service Survey

The publishers of Hellenic Communication Service are completing research on the evacuation of refugees from Smyrna in September 1922, as the title of this online survey indicates. Results of the research will be released in an upcoming book to be published sometimes in the next two years. Considerable work has been expended on this topic and your personal input would be greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to indicate your perception of the tragic events of that fateful month; these impressions may be based on facts, direct personal knowledge, or information gleaned second-hand by family members or friends involved in the evacuation.

1. From September 1 to September 30, 1922, which countries, in your opinion, offered the most assistance in evacuating the refugees from the quay of Smyrna?

Directions: Rank your three top choices by placing the numbers 1, 2, and 3 next to the names of your selections below.







United States





Other (specify)

2. To which locations were most of the refugees initially evacuated, according to your understanding?
Directions: Place mark the box next to your chosen location below.




United States


Other (specify)

3. How many refugees, in your opinion, were evacuated from Smyrna during September 1922?
Directions: Choose only one number below.
300,000 to 700,000
One million
Other (specify)

4. Where did you receive the information that informed your answers to the survey questions?
Word of Mouth
Other (specify)

4. From what part of Greece does your family originate?

5. Please provide us with any other written comments relevant to the evacuation of refugees from Smyrna during the month of September 1922. Your remarks will be greatly valued.

[Posted October 2003. Edd: (June 2007) Although HCS is no longer compiling results of this survey, we continue to welcome input from readers. Site visitors who wish to express their opinions about the questions listed in the survey are invited to type out the question numbers and their selected answers and to submit them to HCS via email at ]

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