Please take a few minutes to fill out our language education survey.
Many persons have contacted us about the availability of Greek
language instruction in their area. Your input can assist
professionals in securing support for language programs.

1. Where should Modern Greek be taught? Or, how should it be learned (if not spoken or read at home?) Select the method below that you favor most.
Through other family and friends
After-school, Church sponsored Greek School programs
Public high schools
Private or parochial schools
Universities and colleges in the U.S.
Educational institutions other than colleges, universities or traditional scholastic settings (such as private, non-profit institutes like The Greek Institute of Boston or summer camps and retreat centers).
Through private tutors
E-learning (Internet programs)
Self-learning through teaching aids (tapes, CD-ROM, videos, etc.)
Intensive summer youth programs
Summer exchange programs with Greek institutions in Greece
Round table evening adult courses
Correspondence courses (mail, etc,)
Other (Please specify)

2. How much time could you devote per week to participating in Greek lessons?

3. To what degree would you like to become proficient in the following areas?
Not proficient
Not proficient
Not Proficient

4. Do you presently have any knowledge of Greek?  (assuming that Greek is a second language?)
Yes No

5. Are you proficient in any other language (other than your native language and Greek?)
Yes No

6. Do you have any interest in learning Classical, Patristic, or Byzantine Greek?
Yes No

7. Do you now have access to any after-school, Church-sponsored Greek language program?
Yes No

8. Would you like to be able to understand the Greek spoken in Greek Orthodox liturgies and important hymns and prayers?
Yes No

9. Is there a Greek-speaking person with whom you could practice Greek lessons?
Yes No

10. Is your ethnic background Greek?
Yes No

11. If married, is your spouse of Greek background?
Yes No

12. Which persons in your family emigrated from Greece? Great grandparent, grandparent, parent, self?
Great grandparent Parent
Grandparent Self

13. If an accredited course were offered through this website (Hellenic Communication Service), would you enroll?
Yes No

14. Please indicate gender:
Male Female

15. What region of the U.S. do you live in?
New England Midwest
Mid-Atlantic Western States
Southeast West Coast

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Thank you for taking the time to complete HCS's survey on Greek language education.
We value your opinons and imput. (Posted December 2003)

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