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Christopher Xenopoulos Janus 1911-2009

About the Great Poet Sappho

Aesop is Always With Us

The Academy of Athens -The World's Best-

All About Genes and Cheating Husbands

All About the Heart

Breakfast with a President in the Oval Office

Care for the Elderly - Greek Style

Caring for the Elderly - Cannibalism to the Greek Way

David Rockefeller, Friend of Greece

Donald Trump: Good Samaritan Greek Style

The Drinking Parties--Symposiums in Ancient Greece

Dynamite Fishing and Other Stories My Father Used to Tell Me

Educating the Youth in Ancient Greece

Everybody Quotes the Greeks

Filotimo: The Most Untranslatable and Unique Greek Virtue

The Girl With Melancholy Eyes

The Greatest Greeks of Antiquity

Greece is Ready for a Lift-Off to Outer Space

The Greek Dance for Art, God, Entertainment and Health

The Greek Family

Greek Honey for Long Life and the Truth

Hippocrates on Medicine and His Unique Views on Understanding God

Homer: My Childhood Hero - Even if he Never Existed

How the Ancient Greek Dealt with Death

The Ionian Islands and Greece's High Rank in the Tourist World

Kimon Friar Remembered

Law Enforcement in Ancient Greece

Lifestyle of the Ordinary Ancient Greek

Mt. Lycabetos Revisited

Muhammid Ali; Pugalist and Poet

My Meetings With Former King Konstantine

Nick the Greek: Poker Icon

On Adapting Ancient Greek Text to Modern Television

Our First and Only Christmas in Sistersville

Overnight in the Meteora Monastery

Pericles, Where Are You?

Persepolis and Alexander the Great Wonderfully Remembered

Philosopher George Santayana Introduces me to Benito Mussolini

Rediscovering Homer, His Women and Goddesses

Remembering Chios and Sitting in Homer's Stone Chair

Revival of the Great Bibliotheca Alexandria

The 75th Anniversary of the Discovery of Plato's Ancient Academy

A Strange and Unforgettable Wartime Experience

Successful Marriage

The Unique Radiant Light of Greece

Today's Three Choices for Loyalty

Why the Greeks Matter

Women's Choices Reduce Greece's Already Low Birth Rate

The Wonderful Greek Sun: Fact, Theory, and Myth

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