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Action Alert: U.S. Congressional Delegation to Visit Illegally Occupied Area of Cyprus Arriving Directly through Illegal Tymbou Airport from Turkey

Action Alert: Turkish Activism Against Cypriots in Washington DC

AHEPA Action Alert: Immediate Action Requested About U.S. State Dept. Formal Invitation to Northern Cypriot Talat

AHEPA, Largest Greek-American Organization, Protests Visit of Congressional Delegation to Occupied Cyprus

AHEPA Presents Cyprus Forum

AHEPA President Holds Productive and Successful Meetings in Cyprus and Greece

AHEPA Pres to Visit Cyprus, Greece to Plan Agenda and Restablish Journey to Greece Program

AHEPA Supports Bilirakis' Call for Constituent Involvement in Direct Flights Issue to Northern Cyprus

AHEPA: UN Plan Provides Hope for Future of Cyprus

AHEPA Voices Concerns About U.S. State Department Policy on Cyprus to Condoleezza Rice

AHI Action Alert: Ask Reps to Sign Two Letters to Be Sent to Secy of State Rice Concerning Talat and Turkey

AHI Action Alert: Congress Committee to Convene Meeting on U.S.--Turkey Relations

AHI Action Alert: Congressional Staffers to Travel to Illegally Occupied Cyprus

AHI Action Alert: Contact Congress During August Recess

AHI Action Alert: Contact Congressional Staffers Who Participated in Trip to Occupied Cyprus via Illegal Tymbou  Airport

AHI Action Update: Two Members of Congress Decide Not to Travel to Illegally Occupied Part of Cyprus

AHI Analysis and Statement on Annan Plan-5 for Cyprus

AHI and National Museum of Natural History to Celebrate Cypriot History with Dinner and Showcase of New Exhibition in Washington, D.C.

AHI Calls for Apology from State Dept. for Conduct Leading to Invasion of Cyprus--20 July 2005

AHI Confirms Misinformation in TRNC Daily Newspaper Article

AHI: Greek American Organizations Call for Changes in the Annan Plan

AHI Hosts Briefing on Hill for Staffers: "Cyprus and Washington's Hypocrisy" by Dr. Ted Galen Carpenter

AHI Hosts Briefing on the Hill with Cypriot Ambassador Evriviades

AHI Hosts Noon Briefing and Luncheon with Ted Carpenter and Dr. Van Coufoudakis--21 July 2005

AHI Hosts Noon Forum on "Cyprus: One Year After EU Accession- Prospects for a Solution" with Dr. Van Coufoudakis

AHI Issues Major Joint Foreign Affairs Policy Statement with Greek American Organizations

AHI Kissinger - An Accessory to Turkey's War Crimes

AHI Protests Rice Meeting with Talat

AHI Responds to Helle Dale--Washington Times Prints Rebuttal

AHI Sends Letter to Members of Sen. Foreign Relations Committee Regarding Confirmation Hearings for New US Amb. to Turkey

AHI Praises Members of Congress Regarding Cyprus

AHI Rebuts Cyprus Briefing Paper by Group Accepting Turkish Funds

AHI Rebuts Washington Times Editorial Declaring France a Spoiler in Cyprus Issues

AHI Responds to Helle Dale--Washington Times Prints Rebuttal

AHI Sends Letter to Secretary Condoleezza Rice Regarding Turkey's Violation of U.S. Law by its Recent Transfer of U.S.-origin Tanks to Cyprus

AHI Sends Letter to Secretary Condoleezza Rice Regarding State's Web on Cyprus as False and Misleading

AHI Sends Letter to Secretary Rice Regarding Forthcoming Trip by Members of Congress to Illegally Occupied Part of Cyprus

AHI Speech of Cypriot Amb. Evriviades: Cyprus in the EU: One Year Later--Prospects for Reunification

American Hellenic Institute Statement on the Passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Bilirakis Makes Statement on House Floor Opposing Annan Plan

Bill to Return Cypriot Property to U.S. Citizens Offered in U.S. House of Representatives

Bush's Legacy and Turkey and Cyprus

CANA Announces the Distribution of "The Pontian Question as of 2008"--by author Theoharis Kekis

CANA Continues Protest Campaign Against Award to Turkish Minister

Charles W. Mccaskill, SR 1923-2005

Congressman Menendez: Strong Supporter of Greece, Cyprus, the Ecumenical Patriarch, and Armenia

Cypreco to Show Documentary Film on Cypriot Lace-Making

Cypriot Minister Paschalides Recently Announced that US-Based Noble Energy to Begin Drilling for Natural Gas in Cyprus

Cypriots Face Turkish Barbarism in Nicosia and Washington DC

Cyprus Action Network of America Answers Turkish Propaganda over Gaza Flotilla Incidents

Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) to join STOP coalition today in coordinated protests against Turkish prime minister's visit (09-27-07)

Cyprus: An Assessment of the Annan Plan--Prospects for a Solution--Speech by Prof. Van Coufoudakis at AHI

Cyprus Ambassador to Speak in Washington on Prospects for Reunification

Cyprus Government Officials Visit American Hellenic Institute in Washington

Cyprus Has Right to Request Bids for Oil Exploration, US Says

Cyprus to Host EU 2008 Science Olympiad

Destruction of Cyprus' Cultural Heritage Theme of Brussels Photo Exhibition through End of November

Dodecanese and Cyprus 1912-1946: An Overview

European Affairs Publishes AHI Letter to the Editor

Family of Missing Greek-Cypriot Files Application with EU Court of Human Rights Against Turkey

A Fresh Look at the Cyprus Issue

Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Bush's Inaugural Speech

Greek-American Protests Collaboration of Archaeological Biblical Society with Turkish Occupation of Cyprus--Op-ed by Theodore Karakostas

Greek Cypriots Start Worldwide Petition for Return of Varosha/Famagusta to Rightful Inhabitants ( see petition at the URL http://www.isxys.org/famagusta/ )

Greek FM: Key Year to Solve Cyprus Issue

Greek Genocide Denial and Remembrance

HCS Lodges Complaint with National Radio Broadcaster Paul Harvey over Remarks about Cyprus

Insider Account of Cypriot Negotiations: An International Relations Debacle, by Claire Palley

Invitation to Cultural Program Dedicated to Salamis, Cyprus on June 11, 2010 at Stathakion Cultural
Center in Astoria

Maryland Public TV to Air Cyprus Documentary 17 October 2011

Message from the Coordinator of SAE, USA Region: 33 Years Later, we Cannot Forget (pdf)

Message on the 33rd Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus--by Olga Sarantopoulou, Secretary of SAE

The New Cyprus Controversy: Oil

"Northern Cyprus": The Next Potential Surprise

100 Greek-Americans to Visit Greece, Cyprus, and Ecumenical Patriarchate

Op-Ed by AHI Pres. Gene Rossides on Turkey's Illegal Settlements in Cyprus

Op-Ed by AHI Pres. Gene Rossides on Turkey's War Crimes

Papadopoulos: A Resounding "No!" to the UN Plan

Pontian Question as of 2008 by Theoharis Kekis

Presentation - A Briefing on Cyprus a Year after the Referendum - Year after the EU Accession

Rep. Menendez Commemorates Anniversary of Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

Second Leg of AHEPA Overseas Visitations, After Success in Nicosia Delegation Heads for Patriarchate

Second Week of AHEPA Overseas Visitations Commences. After Success in Athens, Nicosia, the Delegation Heads to Thessaloniki, Patriarchate

Sen. Olympia Snowe Brings Concerns on Congressional Travel to Cyprus to the Senate Floor

Sen. Olympia Snowe Disapproves of State Department Meeting with Talat

Special Cyprus Remembrance Program, "July 20, 1974--We Never Forget," at the Stathakion

State Dept Violates Rule of Law Claims AHI Pres Rossides

Study Sees Property Boom for Unified Cyprus

Transfer of Weapons to Cyprus; 22 U.S.C. § 2373

Turkey-Israel Military Arrangement (Op-Ed By AHI President)

UHAC and Cypriot-American Society to Honor U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe & Cypriot Amb. Euripides Evriviades

U.S. Legislation Introduced Regarding Aegean Maritime Borders Between Greece and Turkey

U.S. Policy in the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean: TIme to Stop Choosing Sides, and to Stsart Choosing Strategic Interests

US Rep. Frank Pallone and 16 Colleagues Introduce Bill Allowing Cypriot-Americans to Seek Remedies for Properties They Own in Turkish-Occupied Cyprus

U.S. Senators Express Gratitude to the Republic of Cyprus. Senator Menendez leads bipartisan Senate effort in thanking President Papadopoulos for Cypriot help with U.S. Citizens leaving Lebanon

USA Today Calls Illegal Invasion of Cyprus a "Feud" Between Greeks and Turks

The War of Cyprus: AVVSI 1570--1572

The Voice of Adouloti Kyrenia--Ioannis Shekersavvas--from Radio New York

Washington Times Prints AHI Letter on Cyprus--9 September 2005

The World Cannot Tolerate a Divided Cyprus

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