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An American Diplomat in Athens, 1921: Dr. Edward Capps

American Philhellenes: Smyrna 1922

American Reactions to Asia Minor Deportations in 1922

Andreades' "Mission" to America: Political Questions 1919--Part One

Asia Minor: A Tempting Wealth of Natural Resources

Australia and Ataturk

Barton Hall: An American Diplomat at Athens in 1922. Part One

Barton Hall: An American Diplomat at Athens in 1922, Part Two

Book Review by Stavros Stavridis of Sofia Kostos' Before the Silence

Book Review For The Greek-Turkish War 1919-23: An Australian Press Perspective by Stavros T. Stavridis

British Reactions to Asia Minor Deportations in 1922

Casey-Bruce Correspondence: Balkan and Near East Affairs

A Concerned Diplomat: 1922

Constantinople Massacre August 26-27, 1896: Australian Church Reaction (authored jointly with Vahe G. Kateb)

Cyprus in March 1956: Australian Documents

Declaration of the Northern Epirotes from the Districts of Korytsa and Kolonia Demanding Union of Their Native Province with Greece--Pan-Epirotic Union in America, Boston, 1919 (1.92 MB PDF--37pp)

Dodecanese and Cyprus 1912-1946: An Overview

Faultlines in Greek-America: 1922

Footprints of Odysseus in India

From Smyrna to Mudania September-October 1922: Greek Reactions in U.S.and Greece

Gillespie Mission to Angora by Stavros Stavridis

Greek Americans Protest Asia Minor Decree Revision

The Greek-Turkish War 1919-23: An Australian Press Perspective

Immigration of Asia Minor Greeks to Australia

The Imperial Conference of 1921: The Australian Position

An Ionian University in Smyrna

Liman Von Sanders, Mustafa Kemal and Asia Minor

Mining Interests in Asia Minor 1920-21 [PDF]

Ottoman Subjects Interned as POWs in Australia 1914-1918

Our Destiny Lies in Our History

Petros Tatanis: Concerns for the "Patrida"

Polyzoides in 1922: You Are All to Blame

Remembering Chrysostomos: A Modern Day Martyr

Researchers Stavridis & Katsifaras Completing Book on History of Greek-Australian Soccer Teams

Review by Stavros Stavridis of Sopha Kostos' Before the Silence: Archival News Reports of the Christian Holocaust That Begs to Be Remembered

Russo-Turkish Conflict to the Berlin Congress 1877-78: Australian Colonial Reaction

Smyrna and Southern California

Smyrna 1922: Spain and Mustafa Kemal

The Ten Demands: A Fight for Justice

Turkey and the Kurds

Turkish Reaction to Asia Minor Deportations in 1922

U.S. Diplomatic Personnel Submit Partial List of Persons Safe and Evacuated after Smyrna Catastrophe

Victoria Parliament of Australia Raises the Genocide of the Greeks

We Want Action. Australian Greeks Urge Motherland to Ally with Entente Powers in WWI

William Pember Reeves: A Man of Vision

Y.T. Kanna: A Man on a Mission. Assyrian Migration to Australia

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