A Greek Musicians Hall of Fame

There are numerous ethnic musicians who have performed Greek and Near-Eastern music in New England throughout the century. Some of them are now retired after many years of performing for enthusiastic gatherings; others have passed away to the Symphony of Heaven. But until now their important contributions to the preservation of Hellenic culture have remained unrecognized and undocumented. We would like to identify and property recognize those outstanding artists who have played for the pleasure of appreciative groups in past decades.

To qualify as a candidate, a musician need only fill three criteria:

1) he or she must no longer be an active performer;
2) must have played at numerous functions or clubs in New England,
3) must have brought "kefi" to his or her audiences, inspiring them to
listen and dance with pleasure to their music.

Click on the name of any of musician below to learn more about him or her.

To submit the name of a musician to this distinguished list, please send information to HCS at

Hellenic Communication Service
PO Box 710
Rye Beach, NH 03871 U.S.A.
Fax: 603-379-8141

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