Greek Music Scores

HCS plans to offer free downloads of digitized musical scores of traditional Greek music, in cooperation with the Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society (HANEMS). Our staff are busily preparing non-copyright sensitive materials for the site and will post these soon. . . .Some of these manuscripts are ones commissioned by HANEMS, pieces specially arranged by noted violinist and composer, Frederick Elias.

Below are samples of the types of musical scores that are currently in our repository and will become available online to HCS readers and musicians in the near future. Many of them are now available in hard copy through the Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society; contact the staff at HANEMS: 603-379-8140 (phone), or 603-379-8141 (fax), or by email (

Music Audio Files--Listen and Download

HCS is pleased to present the first audio listening files of two musical groups: the 30-piece Hellenic & Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra and the children's Chorus of Vatoussa, Lesvos. To hear these high-quality MP3 files, you'll need a media or special MP3 player.

As we move forward in cooperation with the Hellenic & Near Eastern Musical Society, we plan to offer more listening files and eventually to set up speedy downloads for HCS readers. Please check back with us periodically as we continue to update the design and lists of files of this separate webpage.

Click here to go to the music audio files downloads page.

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