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This listing is not intended to serve as a comprehensive index to all obituaries nationwide for Greek-Americans. The truncated entries are intended to serve genealogical research and as such do not list all information normally included in an obituary; references are made to newspapers or other ephemera so that interested persons may consult these for more complete details. The most recent entries are highlighted with contrasting darker blue background color. Persons interested in volunteering assistance for this area of research--amounting to only few minutes' time weekly--are encouraged to contact HHGA at 603-379-8140 or by email at

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ADAMS, Mary Saad 87, of Manchester, NH and formerly of South Portland, ME, d 22 Mar 2006, dau of Thomas and Lydia David Saad. Funeral 25 Mar 2006 at Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Manchester, NH. Portland Press Herald 24 Mar 2006. Read more.
AGURKIS, Margaret Mary "Peggy" O'Leary 83 of Worcester, MA d Dec. 2005. Funeral 12 Dec. 2005 at Immaculate Conception Church of Worcester. Worcester Telegram 12 Dec. 2005.
ALEX (Alexopoulos), Mary (Anastasiades) 79 of Haverhill, MA d 11 Nov. 2005, dau of late Christos and Sophia Panagos Anastasiades, wife of James P. Alex (Alexopoulos). Haverhill Gazette Nov 2005
ALESSIS, Bessie of Illinois d Nov. 2005, dau of late George and Georgia Glenos, wife of Michael Alessis. Funeral 30 Nov. 2005 at SS Constantine and Helen GOC in Palos Hills, IL. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
ALOUMANIS-GEORGOULIS, Helen of Fitchburg, MA (formerly of West Roxbury, MA) d 23 Nov. 2005, dau of Elias and the late Panagota Aloumanis, fiancee of Lothan Huckaby II. Funeral 26 Nov. 2005 at St. Nectarios GOC in Roslindale, MA. Boston Globe 25 Nov. 2005
ANAGNOS, George 81 of Georgetown, MA d 28 Dec 2005, husb of Mary Pavesi Anagnos. Funeral service at Holy Apostles Saints Peter and Paul GOC of Haverhill, MA 2 Jan 2006. Boston Globe 31 Dec 2005.
ANTONOPOULOS, Mary of Medford, MA d 31 Oct. 2005, dau of late George and Stella Calogeroplos Antonopoulos. Funeral at Greek Orthodox Church of the Taxiarchae in Watertown, MA. Boston Globe 2 Nov. 2005.
APOSTOLES, George P. 84 of Greenfield, NH d 18 Nov. 2005. Keene Sentinel and Brattleboro Reformer 21 Nov. 2005
ARGETES, Charles P. of Woburn, MA d 23 Oct. 2005, husb of late Bettina Jefferson Argetes. Funeral Service at Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary in Woburn. Boston Globe 27 Oct. 2005.
ARGYROPOULOS, John 70 of Brockton, MA d 12 Nov. 2005.
ARVANITIS, Stravroula (Touzos) 70 of Milton, MA, dau of late Panayiotis and Ioanna Bisbikos Touzos, wife of late Charles D. Arvanitis. Funeral at Annunciation GO Cathedral in Boston. Boston Globe 1 Nov. 2005.
ATTALIADES, Vassili of Sudbury, MA d 20 Oct. 2005. Asia Minor Holocauset survivor, b 23 June 1921 in Adana, Asia Minor. Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram 23 Oct. 2005
BABOUKIS, Nicholas George of Hicksville, NY d 17 Dec 2005, husb of late Agnes Baboukis. Funeral 22 Dec 2005 at Holy Trinity GOC of Hicksville. Long Island Newsday 20 Dec 2005. Click here to read more.
BARALIS, Gregory M. 53, of Commack, NY d 29 Nov 2005, son of late James and Dorothy Baralis. Funeral at St. Paraskevi GOC of Greenlawn, NY on 5 Dec 2005. Long Island Newsday 2 Dec 2005. Click here to read more.
BARDAS, Irene E. (Little) of Nashua, NH d Nov 2005. Widow of William Bardas. Nashua Telegraph 16 Nov. 2005.
BASSOS, John E. 78, of Dayton, OH, b in Hartford, CT, d 15 Nov 2005, son of late Efstratios and Catherine Economou Bassos, husb of Edith Cavel Bassos. Memorial Service at St. George GO Cathedral in Hartford 18 Dec 2005. Hartford Courant 5 Dec 2005. Click here for full obit.
BATSARISAKIS, Mattheos "Matthew" 74, of Worcester, MA d 2 Dec. 2005, son of Stelianos and Kyriaki Kambarakis Batsarisakis of Crete, Greece, husb of Penelope Nikoloudakis Batsarisakis. Funeral 8 Dec. 2005 at St. Spyridon GO Cathedral. Worcester Telegram 6 Dec. 2005.
BELEARDIS, Mary Clara (Lawrence) 94, of Newport, RI d 15 Mar 2004, dau of late Manuel and Amelia Machado Lawrence, wife of late John Beleardis. Funeral 18 Mar 2005 at St. Spyridon GOC of Newport, RI. Newport Daily News Mar. 2005. Click here to read full obit.
BOCHES, Amalia "Emily" 81 of Concord, NH d 18 Dec 2003, b Labohove, Northern Epirus (Albania), Greece, dau of Christos and Haraklis Dimas, memb of Holy Trinity GOC of Concord. Concord Monitor 18 Dec 2003.
BOCHES, Christ S. 90 of Concord, NH d 2 Aug 2005, b Anno Labovan, North Epirus, Greece, son of Spiro and Katerina Gogas Boches. Member of Holy Trinity GOC in Concord. Concord (NH) Monitor 5 Sep 2005.
BOURIKAS, Nickolas P. of Quincy, MA d 13 Nov. 2005, husb of Vasilliki Vlahos. Funeral at St. Catherine GOC Braintree, MA. Boston Globe 15 Nov. 2005.
BOURISK, Katherine 96, of Worcester, MA, formerly of Lewiston, ME d 1 Mar 2006, b in Ayeeta El-Fookyah, Lebanon, dau of Mike and Mary Emary Bourisk. Active member of St. George Cathedal of Worcester. Lewiston Sun Journal 2 Mar 2006.
BOUSIOS SIMOPOULOS, Areti 83 of Grevena, Greece and Lowell, MA d 25 Oct. 2005 in Greece, dau of late Athanasios and Maria Simopoulos, wife of late Efthemios Bousios. Lowell Sun 27 Oct. 2005.
BRAVAKIS, Leo J. 86 of Middletown, CT d 20 Oct 2005, son of late James T. and Fontene M. Bravakis, husb of Doris Ahern Bravakis. Memorial service 10 Dec 2005 at Doolittle Funeral Home in Middletown. Hartford Courant 7 Dec. 2005. Click here for full obit.
BUNTEN, Rita Lillios of Bow, NH d Sep 2004, dau of Spiro and Emily Dimas Lillios, wife of Wayne Bunten of Bow, NH, memb of Holy Trinity GOC of Concord, NH. Concord Monitor 29 Sep 2004.
CALA, Aleks 79 of Portland, ME d 3 Mar 2006, b in Nivan, Albania, son of Spiro and Amalia Cala, husb of late Marianthi Dilios. Funeral 7 Mar 2006 at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Portland, ME. Portland Press Herald 5 Mar 2006. Read more.
CARPETIS, George J. 85 of Newport, RI d 14 Jul 2004, son of late James and Mary Annis Carpetis. Funeral at St. Spyridon GOC in Newport, RI. The Newport Daily News July 2005. Click here to read full obit.
CARRAS, Angeline H. 80 of Agawam, MA d 12 Nov. 2005, dau of late George and Ellen Demos, wife of late John Carras. Funeral at St. George GO Cathedral of Springfield,  MA. The Republican of Springfield, MA 13 Nov. 2005.
CHIRAS, James P. 65, of Oxford, MA d 15 Dec. 2005. Worcester Telegram 17 Dec. 2005.
COLITAS, Dr. George P. 81 of Pennsylvania and formerly of Manchester, NH d 10 Nov 2005, son of Polizois and Alexandra Karadimos Colitas, memb of St. Nicholas GOC in Bethlehem, PA. Manchester (NH) Union Leader 11 Nov 2005.
COLITAS, Helen 86 of Manchester, NH d 15 Sep 2005, b Korintsa, Epirus, Greece dau of Polizois and Alexandra Karadinos Colitas, memb of St. George GO Cathedral. Manchester Union Leader17 Sep 2005.
CONSTANTINE, Brandon William Infant of Lebanon, ME d 15 Apr 2006, son of Tanya White and Randy Constantine, grandson of Doug and Ally Robinson and George and Elaine Constatine. In lieu of flowers or service, celebration of life with March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon on 7 May 2006 at Goodall Hospital in Sanford, ME. Portland Press Herald 19 Apr 2006.
CONTAKOS, Georgia 87 of Lowell, MA d 12 Jan 2006, dau of late Christos and Athena Tsakonakos Contakos, memb of Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity of Lowell. Lowell Sun 13 Jan 2006.
CONTAS, Katherine M. 80 of Manchester, NH d 8 Sep 2005, dau of Sterios and Mary Papageorge Memos. Manchester Union Leader 10 Sep 2005.
COSTOPOULOS, Alex N. of West Roxbury, MA d 30 Dec 2005, husb of Toula Merianos Costopoulos. Funeral service at St. Nectarios GOC of Roslindale, MA on 3 Jan 2006. Boston Globe 1 Jan 2006.
DAPERGOLAS, Athos S. 73 of Concord, NH d 31 May 2005, b Nea Orestias, Evros, Greece, son of late Panayioti and Eleni Stefanou Dapergolas. Concord (NH) Monitor 3 Jun 2005.
DAVIS, George 82 of Cape Elizabeth, ME d 30 Jan 2006, son of Sam and Vasilo Goranites Davis, husb of Geraldine Mayo Davis. Funeral at Hobbs Funeral Home in South Portland. Portland Press Herald 2 Feb 2006. Read more.
DELLAS, Helene 80 of NH d 7 Nov 2005, b Trikala, Greece, dau of Arthur Koustarellos, memb of St. George GOC of Manchester, NH. Manchester Union Leader 8 Nov 2005.
DELYANI, James G. of Saugus, MA d 8 Nov. 2005, husb of Harriet Toppses Delyani. Funeral at St. George GOC in Lynn, MA. Boston Globe 10 Nov. 2005.
DEMAKOPOULOS, Steve A. of Holbrook, MA, formerly of New York, d 1 Jan 2006, husb of Madeline P. Polisson Demakopoulos. Funeral service at Cartwright Funeral Home in Holbrook. Boston Globe 3 Jan 2006.
DEMOS, Angeliki Chronopoulos of Los Angeles, CA d 4 Jan 2006.
DIPALMA, Josephine 87 of Tewksbury, MA d 15 Jan 2006, wife of late Michael J. DiPalma, memb of Transfiguration GOC in Lowell. Haverhill Gazette Jan 2006.
DONGAS, Sophia J. Pervanas 89 of Manchester, NH d 4 Jan 2006, b Greece, dau of Constantinos and Olympia Pantazes Pervanas. Manchester Union Leader 6 Jan 2006.
DOULAKIS, Michael J. 21 of Feeding Hills, MA d 30 Oct. 2005, son of John and Aphrodite I. Doulakis. Funeral St. George GO Cathedral of Springfield, MA. The Republican of Springfield, MA 6 Nov. 2005.
DOULAVERIS, George 82 of Flushing, NY d 30 Nov. 2005, husb of Laura Doulaveris. Funeral 5 Dec. 2005 at St. Nicholas Cathedral of Flushing. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
DOULOS, Penelope (Vomvouras) of Dennis, MA d 21 Nov. 2005, wife of late John E. Doulos. Funeral at St. George GOC of Centerville, MA 26 Nov. 2005. Boston Globe 25 Nov. 2005.
ELIA, Anastasia T. of Squantum, MA d 25 Nov. 2005, dau of late Sotir and Anastasia (Nini) Elia. Funeral at Sacred Heart Church 28 Nov 2005 in No. Quincy, MA. Boston Globe 27 Nov. 2005.
FRANGIS, Frank N. of Lewiston, ME d Dec 2005. Funeral services at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Lewiston, ME 28 Dec 2005. Lewiston Sun Journal 29 Dec 2005.
FREY, Esther D. (Karalekas) 73 of Beverly (formerly of New Bedford, MA and Mentor, OH), MA d 25 Oct. 2005, wife of late Herman T. Frey. Funeral Service at St. George GOC of New Bedford, MA. Boston Globe 26 Oct. 2005.
FRINTZILAS, Alice of Glen Cove, NY d 14 Dec 2005, wife of late Peter Frintzilas. Funeral at St. Paul GO Cathedral of Hempstead, NY 19 Dec 2005. Long Island Newsday 16 Dec 2005. Click here to read more.
GAMILIS,  John G. 86 of Somers, CT d 14 Nov. 2005, husb of Mary Dumas Gamilis. Greek Orthodox Church of St. Luke in Longmeadow, MA. The Republican of Springfield, MA 15 Nov. 2005.
GANELLAS, Antigone "Tiggie" J. 89 of Ogunquit, ME d 26 Dec 2005, dau of Jerasimos and Thomai Demetrakoulakou Mekelatos, wife of late Constantine Ganellas. Memorial Service at Biber Memorial Chapel in Wells on 29 Dec 2005. Portland Press Herald 27 Dec 2005. Click here to read more.
GARIFALLOU, Aphrodite Tikellis of Roslindale, MA d 8 Dec. 2005, wife of late Meletios G. Garifallou. Funeral 12 Dec. 2005 at St. Nectarios GOC of Roslindale, MA. Boston Globe 10 Dec. 2005.
GAROS, Evangelos "Geli" 90 of Hooksett, NH d Sep 2004, b Pentalofos, Kozani, Greece, son of Evangelos and Glikeria Alexiou Garos, memb of Assumption GOC in Manchester. Concord (NH) Monitor 20 Sep 2004.
GEORGOPOULOS, George C. of Watertown, MA d 22 Dec 2005, husb of Felicia Anastos Georgopoulos. Funeral Service at Taxiarchae GOC of Watertown, MA. Boston Globe 26 Dec 2005.
GIANOURAKOS, Constance Phillips 85 of Lowell, MA d 14 Jan 2006 dau of late Louis and Zoitsa Batologianis Phillips, wife of late Samuel Gianourakos. Funeral St. George GOC of Lowell on 19 Jan 2006. Nashua Telegraph 17 Jan 2006, Lowell Sun 17 Jan 2006.
GIMAS, Sophie "Sue" Raptis 81 of Manchester, NH d 13 Jan 2006, dau of John and Anastasia Angelis Raptis, wife of late John Gimas. Member of Assumption GOC of Manchester. Manchester Union Leader 14 Jan 2006.
GOULATIS, Loucas D. 85 of Portland, ME d 23 Jan 2006, son Demetrios and Aphrodite Goulatis, husb of Sylvia Blackos Vetas. Funeral at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Portland. Portland Press Herald 25 Jan 2006. Read more.
GOUZOULE, Pennie of Boston, d 25 Dec 2005, dau of late Louis and Agnes Lembesis Gouzoule. Memorial Service 10 Jan at Douglass Funeral Home in Lexington. Boston Globe 8 Jan 2006.
HALIAS, John G. 92 of Haverhill, MA d Sep 2005, b in Greece, husb of Mary Halias of Atkinson. Concord (NH) Monitor 25 Sep 2005, Manchester (NH) Union Leader 24 Sep 2005.
HALIAS, Mary 93 of Atkinson, NH d 14 Dec. 2005, dau of George and Cleanthy Kominaki Theodorakalles of Kalloni, Mytilene, Greece, wife of late John G. Halias. Funeral 19 Dec. 2005 at Holy Apostles GOC of Haverhill, MA. Manchester Union Leader 16 Dec. 2005 Boston Globe 16 Dec. 2005.
HANTZIS, Nicholas 54 of Lowell, MA d 21 Dec 2005, son of late Paul and Angeliki Scadopoulos Hantzis, memb of St. George GOC of Lowell. Lowell Sun 22 Dec 2005.
HEART, Maria (Pantelithakis) 93 of Illinois d Nov. 2005, wife of late Vasilios Heart. Funeral 13 Nov. 2005 Holy Trinity GOC in Chicago, IL. National Herald, NY 26 Nov. 2005.
HERBERT, Angela Tikelis 82, of Jupiter, FL d 8 Dec. 2005, dau of James E. and Nifidora Kostas Tikelis, wife of late Peter J. Herbert. Funeral Dec. 2005 at Holy Apostles GOC of Haverhill, MA. Haverhill Gazette Dec. 2005.
HOULARES, Helen of Lewiston, ME d Feb 2004. Funeral service at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Lewiston. Lewiston Sun Journal 21 Feb 2004.
JABYAC, Helen Plentzas 81, of Manchester, NH d 23 Oct 2005, dau of George and Chrisoula Ntoula Plentzas, memb of St. George GO Cathedral. Manchester Union Leader 25 Oct 2005.
JANOPOULOS, Thomas "T.J." G. of Illinois d Nov. 2005, son of late George and Anne Janopoulos. Funeral 23 Nov. 2005 Holy Trinity GOC in Chicago, IL.
JARVIS (JARAVINOS), Mary of West Roxbury, MA d 2 Nov. 2005, dau of late Peter and Nota Jaravinos. Funeral at Greek Orthodox Catheral of the Annunication in Boston, MA. Boston Globe 4 Nov. 2005.
JASONIDES, Elias S. 85 of Saco, d 7 Feb 2006, b in Politsani, Vorios Epiros, husb of Alexandra Kitsos. Funeral St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church of Saco, ME. Portland Press Herald, 9 Feb 2006.
KALARITES, Helen "Eleni" 75 of Lowell, MA d 25 Oct. 2005, dau of late George and Kaliope Koulias Kalarites. Funeral at Holy Trinity GOC of Lowell, MA. Lowell Sun 27 Oct. 2005.
KALLECHEY, Vasiliki "Bess" 76 of Concord, NH d Jul 2004, dau of Apostolas and Constantina Tingas, memb of Holy Trinity GOC of Concord. Concord Monitor 17 Jul 2004.
KALPAKOGLOU, Anastasios of South Boston, d 9 Dec. 2005, son of late Evengia Kalpakoglou and her late husb Vasilios Kalpakoglou, husb of Exaterini Papavasiliou Kalpakoglou. Visiting hours 12 Dec. 2005 at St. John the Baptist GOC of Boston, service and burial in Thessaloniki, Greece. Boston Globe 11 Dec. 2005.
KAMILOS, Marianthe 101 of Sacramento, CA d 9 Nov. 2005, wife of late Gerasimos Kamilos. Funeral 17 Nov. 2005 at GOC of the Annunciation in Sacramento, CA. Sacremento Bee 14 Nove. 2005, National Herald 26 Nov. 2005
KARAGAS, Francine 19 of Cold Spring, NY d 19 Nov. 2005, dau of Rev. James and Presbytera Lori Karagas. Funeral at St. Nicholas GOC in Newburgh, NY. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005, Poughkeepsie Journal 22 Nov. 2005.
KARAGIANIS, Maria (Koutsouti) of Winthrop, MA d 23 Nov. 2005, wife of John D. Karagianis. Funeral 29 Nov. 2005 at St. George GOC in Lynn, MA Boston Globe 27 Nov. 2005.
KARAS, John C. 80 of Manchester, NH d 14 Jan 2006, son of Christos and Evangeline Siomou Karagiosis. Member of Assumption GOC of Manchester, NH. Manchester Union Leader 17 Jan 2006.
KARAYIANIS, Alexandra of Lewiston, ME d May 2004. Funeral service at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Lewiston, ME. Lewiston Sun Journal 30 May 2004.
KARDOS, Caroline Theodos 80, of Madison, CT, formerly of Easton, CT, d 15 Dec 2005, dau of late Periclete and Harilia Alecks Theodos, wife of late Joseph Kardos. Funeral 17 Dec 2005 at St. George Albanian Orthodox Church of Trumbull, CT. Connecticut Post 17 Dec 2005. Click here for full obit.
KARVELAS, Alice Medeiros of Revere, MA, d 29 Nov. 2005, wife of late John C. Karvelas. Funeral 3 Dec. 2005 at St. Anthony's Church of Revere, MA. Boston Globe 1 Dec. 2005.
KASSOTIS, Annie Keene Sentinel 31 Oct 2005
KATAPODIS, Therese M. Condry of Brookfield, CT, formerly of Dorchester, MA d 16 Dec 2005, dau of late Luke & Effie McDonald Condry. Boston Globe 21 Dec 2005.
KATSAOUNIS, Fotini 89 of Wethersfield, CT d 10 Dec 2005, wife of late Angelo Katsaounis. Funeral 14 Dec 2005 at St. George GO Cathedral of Hartford. Hartford Courant 12 Dec 2005. Click here for full obit.
KENTROTI, Theodore 83 of Colorado d 8 Nov. 2005, husb of Constance Kentroti. Funeral 15 Nov. 2005 St. Catherine GOC in Greenwood Village, CO. National Herald 26 Nov. 2005.
KIRIACOPOULOS, Constance of Westwood (formerly of Mattapan), MA d 9 Nov. 2005, dau of late James and Bessie Geanakakis Kiriacopoulos. Funeral at Annunciation GO Cathedral in Boston. Boston Globe 18 Nov. 2005.
KIRIACOPOULOS, Olympia of Westwood, MA, formerly of Mattapan, MA d 17 Dec 2005, dau of late Bessie Geanakakis and James Kiriacopoulos. Funeral 21 Dec 2005 at Annunciation GO Cathedral of Boston. Boston Globe 20 Dec 2005.
KIROS, Spiro 98 of Concord, NH d 17 Apr 2005, b North Epirus, Greece, son of John and Maria Notides Kiros, husb of Madeline Filides Kiros, memb (last living founder) of Holy Trinity GOC in Concord, NH. Concord (NH) Monitor 19 Apr 2005.
KOKINOS, John N. 66, of Buffalo, NY d 10 Dec 2005, husb of Donna A. (Authier) Kokinos. Funeral Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Buffalo 13 Dec 2005. Buffalo News 12 Dec 2005. Click here to read more.
KORBAKES, Maryanthe (Panutsos) of Palos Hills, IL d Nov. 2005, wife of Chris A. Korbakes. Funeral 23 Nov. 2005 Sts. Constantine and Helen GOC, Palos Hills, IL. National Herald 26 Nov. 2005
KOSTARAS, George J. of West Roxbury, MA husb of Tina Daskalos Kostaras. Funeral service at St. John the Baptist GOC of Boston. Boston Globe 25 Dec 2005.
KOUGIAS, Peter of West Roxbury, MA, d 4 Dec. 2005, husb of Antonia "Ann" Angelopoulos Kougias. Funeral 8 Dec. 2005 at St. Nectarios GOC in Roslindale, MA. Boston Globe 6 Dec. 2005.
KOURMOUZIS, Joanna 43 of Bridgewater, NJ d Nov. 2005, dau of Savvas and Panayiota Demetriou of Cyprus, Greece, wife of Anastasios Kourmouzis of Bridgewater, NJ. Funeral 22 Nov. 2005 Kimisis tis Theotokou GOC in Holmdel, NJ. National Herald 26 Nov. 2005
KOULOUVARDIS, John Harry 77 of Newport, RI d 29 Mar 2005, son of late Harry C. and Helen Michalopoulos Koulouvardis. Funeral at St. Spyridon GOC of Newport, RI. The Newport Daily News Apr 2005. Click here to read full obit.
KOUSOUNADIS, Angeliki 79 of Merrimack, NH and formerly of Lowell, MA d 5 Jan 2006, b in Kilkis, Greece dau of late Nicholas and Despina Ahirounidou Haralambidis, wife of late Panagiotis "Peter" Kousounadis, memb of St. George GOC of Lowell. Lowell Sun 6 Jan 2006.
KOUTOUDAKIS, Frances J. Ferriero of Medford, MA d 10 Dec. 2005, wife of George Koutoudakis. Funeral 14 Dec. 2005 at Immaculate Conception Church in Malden, MA. Boston Globe 12 Dec. 2005.
KOUTSOS, Rita C. 87 of Manchester, NH d 18 Oct 2005, dau of Nicholas B. and Evangeline Tsoumakelis Tseckares, wife of Charles Koutsos. Concord (NH) Monitor 21 October 2005, Manchester (NH) Union Leader 21 Oct 2005.
KYPRIOTES, Arthur V. , Jr. 57 of Lowell, MA d 22 Oct. 2005, son of late Arthur V. Kypriotes, Sr. and Florence M. Jacobs Kypriotes, husb of Mary L. Garneau Kypriotes. Lowell Sun 25 Oct. 2005.
KYTHAS, Pete Leon 77 of Greenville, NC, d 30 Nov. 2005, son of late Leonidas and Valentine Naomi Kythas of Ditiki Frangista, Evrytania, Greece. Husb of Niki Goulas Kythas. Funeral 3 Dec. 2005 at St. George GO Cathedral of Greenville, NC. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
LAMBIRIS, Timothy A. 90 of West Bloomfield, Michigan d 23 Nov. 2005, son of Anastasios and Lucretia Tsaparas Lambiris. Funeral Nov. 2005 in Michigan. Manchester Union Leader 12 Dec. 2005.
LAMBRUKOS, Dr. Charles T. 87 of Concord, NH d 1 Dec 2005, son of late Theodore P. and Eugenia (Lonnie) Lambrukos, husb of late Cleoniky Spanos Lambrukos. Funeral 6 Dec. 2005 at Holy Trinity GOC of Concord, NH. Concord (NH) Monitor 4 Dec 2005, Boston Globe 4 Dec. 2005..
LAZARES, William Nicholas 84 of Hyannis Port, MA, formerly of Haverhill, MA d 29 Dec 2005, son of late Nicholas and Panagiota Kassaris Lazaropoulos, husb of May Linardos Lazares. Funeral Service 3 Jan 2006 at St. George GOC of Centerville, MA. Boston Globe 1 Jan 2006.
LEKOUSI, Andrew E. 81 of Portland, ME d 23 Dec 2005, son of Eustace G. and Helen Lebares Lekousi. Funeral arrangements at Jones, Rich & Hutchins Funeral Home of Portland. Portland Press Herald 28 Dec 2005. Memorial Service 5 Feb 2006 Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Portland, ME. Click here to read more.
LIAKOS, Eva Millios 80 of Manchester, NH d 26 Nov 2005, dau of Spiro and Helen Metronatsis Millios. Concord (NH) Monitor 28 Nov 2005.
LIOUZIS, Olga 89 of Concord, NH d 15 Jan 2005, b Epiros, Greece, dau of Thomas and Martha Savas, memb of Holy Trinity GOC in Concord, NH. Concord Monitor 18 Jan 2005.
LOIZIDES, Charles C. of Melrose, MA, d 30 Nov. 2005, husb of Fanny Antoniou Loizides. Funeral 3 Dec. 2005 at St. George GOC of Lynn, MA. Boston Globe 1 Dec. 2005.
MCAULIFFE-PAPPAS, Kathleen Ann 39, of Boston, MA d 2 Dec. 2005, dau of Jeremiah and Ann O'Neill McAuliffe, wfe of Theodor Pappas. Funeral 7 Dec. 2005 at St. Catherine's Church in Westford, MA. Boston Globe 4 Dec. 2005.
MAKRIDIS, Panagiotis of Wollaston, MA d 14 Jan 2006, wife of late Dimitrios Makridis. Funeral services at St. John the Baptist GOC of Boston. Boston Globe 16 Jan 2006.
MALOOF, Sara G. Elias 82 of Norwood, MA formerly of Roslidale, MA, wife of Edward N. Maloof. Funeral at St. George GOC of West Roxbury, MA. Boston Globe 1 Jan 2006.
MANOLIS, Helen Vemos 79 of Guelph, Canada, d 3 Dec. 2005, wife of late Gregory Manolis. Funeral at St. George GOC in Guelph 6 Dec. 2005. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
MARAVELL, Helen Sakelarios 96 of New Bedford and Lowell, MA, d 15 Jan 2006, b Lagadia, Greece, dau of late John and Anastasia Sakellarios, wife of late George N. Maravell, memb of St. George GOC in New Bedford. Lowell Sun 17 Jan 2006.
MARTINES, Nicholas W. 79 of Haverhill, MA d Nov (7?) 2005, son of late Vasili and Vasilike Miloras Martines, husb of Ethel Gioka Martines. Funeral at Holy Apostles GOC of Haverhill. Haverhill Gazette Nov 2005
MAVROPOULOS, Nicholas G. of Somerville, MA d 19 Nov. 2005, husb of Santa Masiello Mavropoulos.  Funeral Service Dormition of the Virgin Mary GOC of Somerville, MA. Boston Globe 22 Nov. 2005. Somerville Journal 23 Nov. 2005
MEKRAS, Toula Exacousti Panagiotopoulos Presbytera Toula Exacousti Panagiotopoulos Mekras, 82 of Miami, FL d 3 Jan 2006, b Lowell, MA, dau of late George and Maria Panagiotopoulos, wife of late Rev. Protopresbyter Demosthenes J. Mekras, memb of St. Sophia GO Cathedral of Miami. Lowell Sun 6 Jan 2006.
MELLEKAS, Bessie 101 of Newport, RI d 15 Oct 2005, dau of late Theodore and Maria Koukoutas Mootos (Wotoglos), wife of late Stavros Mellekas. Funeral at St. Spyridon GOC in Newport 19 Oct 2005. Newport Daily News Oct. 2005. Click here to read full obit.
MELLEKAS, Charles T. 85 of Portsmouth, RI d 25 Aug. 2005, son of late Theodore and Effie Lewis Mellekas, husb of Anna Pappastratis Mellekas. Funeral at St. Spyridon GOC in Newport, RI. Newport Daily News Aug. 2005. Click here to read full obit.
MEOLA, Michael R. 57 of Haverhill, MA d 8 Dec. 2005, son of Jennie Parino Meola and the late Victor Meola, husb of Anna Xenos Meola. Funeral Dec. 2005 at Holy Apostles GOC of Haverhill. Haverhill Gazette Dec. 2005.
MICHAUD, Effie M. Spaneas Goulas 83 of Methuen (formerly Lowell, MA), MA d 20 Oct. 2005, dau of late James N. and Kanella Leonides Spaneas, wife of late Robert A. Michaud. Lowell Sun 24 Oct. 2005.
MITCHELL, Ora 90 of Dover, NH d 15 Jan 2006, b 11 Feb 1915 in Fourka, Greece, dau of James and Evanthia Bobotis Sarmanote. Funeral Service at Annunciation GOC of Dover, NH Jan 2006. Manchester Union Leader 17 Jan 2006.
MITOULAS, Helen 99 of Manchester, NH d 4 Sep 2005, b Kalabaka, Thessaly, Greece, dau of Christopher and Vasilike Michos Palentzas. Member of St. George GO Cathedral of Manchester. Concord (NH) Monitor 5 Sep 2005, Manchester (NH) Union Leader 5 Sep 2005.
MOUTSIOULIS, Alkis 79 of Manchester, NH d 2 Nov 2005, b in Greece, son of George and Soultana Tzimourangas Moutsioulis. Manchester (NH) Union Leader 4 Nov 2005.
NANOS, Charles 84, of Saco, ME d 19 Nov. 2005. Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegraam 21 Nov. 2005
NETOS, Mary 90, of Portland, ME, formerly of Hammond, IN, d 23 Apr 2006, dau of Eustace and Helen Lebares Lekousi of Portland, ME, widow of the late Philip Netos. Member of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Portland. Portland Press Herald 26 Apr 2006. Read entire obituary.
NICHOLAS, Lucy 86, of Saco, ME d 22 Apr 2006. Funeral service 26 Apr 2006 at Hope Memorial Chapel. Burial at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Cemetery in Biddeford, ME. Portland Press Herald 24 Apr 2006.
NIKOU, Alexios of Cambridge, MA d 21 Nov. 2005, husb of Chrisoula (Zaharopoulos) Nikou. Funeral 25 Nov. 2005 at Sts. Consantine & Helen GOC in Cambridge, MA. Boston Globe 24 Nov. 2005.
ORESTIS, Christos, III of Lewiston, ME d Dec 2005. Funeral services at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 13 Dec 2005. Lewiston Sun Journal, 15 Dec 2005.
PANAGOS, Angelo F. 65 of Washington, D.C. d Nov. 2005, son of late Peter and Mary (Cramer) Panagos, bro of Dr. Sylvia P. Lianides of CA and the late John Panagos. Funeral 3 Dec. 2005 at Solimine, Landergan and Richardson Funeral Home in Lynn, MA. Boston Globe 27, 2005.
PANAGOTOPULOS, Spero V. of Springfield (formerly Chicopee), MA d 8 Nov. 2005, son of Vasili Spero Panagotopulos and Angeliki Christodolopoulos, husb of Mary Gardekas Panagotopulos. Funeral at Sts. Constantine and Helen GOC of Chicopee. Boston Globe 10 Nov. 2005. The Republican of Springfield, MA 10 Nov. 2005
PANAGOULIAS, Irene 89, of Nashua, NH d 11 Dec. 2005. Funeral 13 Dec. 2005 at St. Philip GOC of Nashua. Nashua Telegraph 13 Dec. 2005.

81, of Nashua, NH d 14 Nov. 2005. Nashua Telegraph 17 Nov. 2005. Lowell Sun 17 Nov. 2005
PANAS, Nick John 51 of Elgin, IL d 17 Nov. 2005, son of Tasia Panagiotopoulos, husb of Mina Panas. Funeral 21 Nov. 2005 St. Sophia GOC in Elgin, IL. National Herald 26 Nov. 2005.
PANTOS, Arthur John of Newton, MA d 9 Nov. 2005, husb of Despina Malakos Pantos. Funeral at St. Demetrios GOC of Weston, MA. Boston Globe 13 Nov. 2005.
PAPACHRISTOU, Christine Seonis 91 of NH d 31 Oct 2005, dau of Peter and Dalmina Boulay Seonis, memb of St. George GO Cathedral of Manchester, NH. Manchester Union Leader 2 Nov 2005.
PAPANIKOLAOU, Iakovos "Mike" 59, of Marlboro, MA d 6 Dec. 2005, son of Kosmas and Anastasia Kounadi Papanikolaou of Athens, Greece, husb of Frederiki Paroussis Papanikolaou. Funeral 12 Dec. 2005 at Saints Anargyroi GOC of Marlboro, MA. Worcester Telegram 9 Dec. 2005.
PAPASTEFAN, Hariklea "Klea" (Tsairidou) 94 of Wisconsin d 29 Oct. 2005, b Asia Minor, wife of late Sava Papastefan. Funeral 3 Nov. 2005 Annunciation GOC in Wauwatosa, WI.
PAPLEACOS, Theodosios "Ted" Nicholas 81 of Greenville, SC d 26 Feb 2006, b in Lowell, MA, son of Nicholas Theodosios and Olga Gikas Papleacos, husb of late Chrysoula Drivas Papleacos., and of Panayiota Balducci. Funeral service 28 Feb 2006 at St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Greenville, SC. Portland Press Herald 27 Feb 2006. Read more.
PAPPAS, Georgia 90 of Haverhill, MA d 14 Nov. 2005. Funeral at Taxiarchae GOC in Watertown, MA. Boston Globe 16 Nov. 2005.
PAPPAS, Mary 79 of Manchester, NH d 17 Aug 2005, b in Athens, Greece, dau of Demetrios "James" and Stavroula Barbarias Georgeantas, wife of Charles A. Pappas. Manchester Union Leader 19 Aug 2005.
PARANDELIS, George 78, of  Arundel, ME d 14 Nov. 2005, son of late Peter and Chryciclia Steryanou Konstantine. Biddeford-Saco Journal Tribune 21 Nov. 2005. Lowell Sun 16 Nov. 2005
PEMBLE, Loretta (Nakos) 34 of Wethersfield, CT d 2 Nov. 2005, dau of George and Donna Nakos, wife of Charles Patrick Pemble. Funeral 5 Nov. 2005 at St. George GO Cathedral of Hartford, CT. National Herald 26 Nov. 2005.
PESCULIS, John D. of East Longmeadow, MA (formerly Peponia, Serras, Greece) d 30 Oct. 2005, son of late Demetrios and Kalliope Matasoudi Piskioulis of Greece, husb of Despina Zovas Pesculis. Funeral at Greek Orthodox Church of St. Luke in Longmeadow. The Republican of Springfield, MA 1 Nov. 2005
POLECHRONIS, John "Cronis" of Walpole (formerly of Watertown), MA d 13 Nov. 2005, husb of Argara "Jackie" Barkas Polechronis. Funeral at St. Gregory's GOC in Mansfield, MA. Boston Globe 15 Nov. 2005.
POLITIS, Pandora Stogiannis of West Roxbury, MA wife of Asterios Politis. Funeral service at St. John the Baptist GOC of Boston. Boston Globe 14 Jan 2006.
PONTIKOS, Spyros "Sam" 57, of Clearwater, FL, formerly of Buffalo, NY, d 17 Dec 2005, husb of Christine "Chris" Pontikos. Buffalo News 21 Dec 2005. Click here to read more.
POULIOS, Alexander "Alec" 91, of Portland, ME, d 5 Jan 2006, b Livadi, Greece son of Demetrious and Annetta Voyazas Poulios, husb of Geraldine Osborne. Portland Press Herald 7 Jan 2006. Click here to read more.
POULOS Jones, Anthi of Maryland d 6 Feb 2004, b Sparta, Greece, dau of Peter and Helen Karagianis. Concord (NH) Monitor 2 Jun 2004.
POURNARAS, Julia 85 of Manchester, NH d 14 Sep 2005, dau of James Bisbas and Mrs. Evangelos (Soultana) Drougas Papavasiliou. Manchester Union Leader 15 Sep 2005.
PROCOPIOU, Samuel 80, of Meriden, CT, b in Polistipos, Cyprus, son of late Effie and Hajisavva Procopios, husb of Georgia Sakelarakis Procopiou. Funeral 28 Dec 2005 at St. George GOC of New Britain, CT. Meriden Record-Journal 24 Dec 2005. Click here for obit.
PSOMAS, Sophia Flionis of West Roxbury, MA d 16 Jan 2006, wife of late James Psomas. Funeral service 20 Jan 2006 at St. Demetrios GOC of Weston, MA. Boston Globe 18 Jan 2006.
RAGSDALE, Katherine Antoniadis 59 of Jamestown, NC, d 3 Dec. 2005, dau of George John Antoniadis and Vasiliki Marikos Antoniadis of Kozani, Greece. Wife of William G. Ragsdale III. Funeral 6 Dec. 2005 at Dormition of the Theotokos GOC in Greensboro, NC. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
RALLIS, Manny A. 87 of Westerville, Ohio, formerly of Scarborough, Maine, d 20 Dec. 2005, son of Antony and Parthenopy Tatamany Rallis. Funeral 24 Dec. 2005 at Holy Trinity GOC of Portland, ME. Portland Press Herald 22 Dec. 2005. Click here to read obituary.
RIGAS (RIGOPOULOS), Steven of Arlington (formerly Somerville), MA d 23 Oct. 2005, husb of Helen E. Diehal Rigas. Funeral at St. Athanasius Greek Orthodox Church of Arlington. Boston Globe 27 Oct. 2005. Somerville Journal 3 Nov. 2005
RIZAS, Kiriakoula 92, of Stamford, CT d 21 Dec 2005, dau of late Nicholas and Stavroula Manousos, wife of late Nichlas D. Rizas. Funeral 24 Dec 2005 at Church of the Archangels (Taxiarchae) in Stamford, CT. Stamford Advocate 23 Dec 2005. Click here to read obit.
RODANAS, Helen of Manchester, NH d 15 Nov. 2005. She was the dau of Michael S. and Constantine Nicholis Rodanas. Manchester Union Leader 20 Nov. 2005.
ROUMELIOTIS, Mary Graziano 97, of Bridgeport, CT, d 29 Nov 2005, wife of late Sam Roumeliotes. Funeral services at Lesko & Polke Funeral HOme in Fairfield Center, CT. Connecticult Post 1 Dec 2005. Click here for full obit.
SAGRIS, Harry G. 85, of Biddeford, ME, d 8 Jan 2006. Funeral service at St. Demetrios GOC of Saco, ME. Portland Press Herald 10 Jan 2006.
SALAS, Nicholas Adam 19, d 6 Dec. 2005, son of Susan Thomas and David Fenwick, raised by grandparents Lorraine Salas and the late John Salas of Haverhill, MA. Operation Specialist in US Navy, assigned to USS John F. Kennedy (CV67). Funeral 16 Dec. 2005 at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, FL. Haverhill Gazette Dec. 2005.
SAMSON, Mary of Lewiston, ME d Jan 2006. Funeral services at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Lewiston, ME. Lewiston Sun Journal 10 Jan 2006.
SARGETIS, John 69 of Salt Lake City, Utah, son of Theros Sargetis and Cleante Marugidakis Sargetis, husb of Mary Ann Campbell. Funeral 5 Dec. 2005 at Prophet Elias GOC of Salt Lake City, Utah. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
SCONSA, Charles J. 71 of Concord, NH d 29 Aug 2003, son of Charles and Bernice (MacDonald) Sconsa, memb (pres and treas) of Holy Trinity GOC in Concord, NH. Concord Monitor 29 Aug 2003.
SIMONES, Charles of Lewiston, ME d Jan 2006. Funeral services Jan 2006 at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Lewiston, ME. Lewiston Sun Journal 20 Jan 2006.
SIMONES, George 84 of Lewiston, ME d 10 Jan 2004. Funeral service Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Lewiston, ME 13 Jan 2006. Lewiston Sun Journal 11 Jan 2004.
SOTAKOS, Anne T. 87 of Lowell, MA d 12 Jan 2006, dau of late John G. and Athanasia Tsouprakakis Tsotakos, memb of St. George GOC of Lowell. Lowell Sun 15 Jan 2006.
SOTER, Angelo T. of Worcester, MA d 14 Dec. 2005. Funeral 19 Dec. 2005 at St. Spyridon GO Cathedral of Worcester, MA. Worcester Telegram 16 Dec. 2005. Boston Globe 16 Dec. 2005.
SOTER, Helen "Eleni" N. Naum 89 of Worcester, MA d 11 Dec. 2005, dau of Peter and Dhimitrula Christo Naum of Drenova, Albania, wife of late James Soter. Funeral 14 Dec. 2005 at St. Mary's Assumption Albanian Orthodox Church of Worcester, MA. Worcester Telegram 13 Dec. 2005.
SPANOS, Stephen Vaios 84 of Newport d 4 Jul 2005, son of Vaios Spanos and Mary Stassos. Concord (NH) Monitor 6 Jul 2005.
SPIRO, Constance L. 92, of Somerville, MA, d 27 Nov. 2005, wife of late Louis Spiro. Boston Globe 30 Nov. 2005.
SMAGLIOTIS, Helen M. 95, of East Hartford, CT, d 3 Dec 2005, dau of Fotis and Clarla Moskel Smagliotis, wife of late Charles Connelly. Mass of Christian Burial at St. Mary's Church in East Hartford 7 Dec 2005. Hartford Courant 6 Dec 2005. Click here for full obit.
STACHOKAS, Vasilike 85 of Manchester, NH d 2 Oct 2005, dau of George and Despo Toucholitis Sakorafas, widow of William Stachokas, memb of St. George GO Cathedral. Manchester Union Leader 3 Oct 2005.
TAXIARCHIS, Georgia 95 of Lewiston, ME d 17 Oct 2004, b Sparta, Greece, dau of George and Julie Lazarus Martini, widow of late Nicholas Taxiarchis. Member of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Lewiston, ME. Lewiston Sun Journal 19 Oct 2004.
TELA, Evangeline Economou 88 of Manchester, NH d 30 Dec 2005, dau of Nicholas and Mary Tsarouhas Economou. Union Leader 3 Jan 2006.
THOMAS, Paul A. 88 of Concord, NH d 26 Jul 2004 at the General Hospital of Karditsa, Greece. b Athamania, Thessaly, Greece, son of Athanasios and Calliope Soteriou Thomaides. Memorial service Aug 2004 at Holy Trinity GOC of Concord. Concord (NH) Monitor 18 & 27 Aug 2004.
TONAS, Josephine J. 69 of Manchester, NH d 6 Oct 2005, dau of Gordon L. and Julia S. Jaskilka Brewer. Manchester Union Leader 7 Oct 2005.
TSIATSIOS, Evelyn 89 of Manchester, NH d 19 Oct 2005, dau of Arthur and Catherine Tsonas Psaledas. Manchester Union Leader 21 Oct 2005.
TWARJAN, Frieda N. 86 of Manchester, NH d 4 Jan 2006, dau of Niclos and Agnes Balganis Todis. Member of Assumption of the Virgin Mary GOC of Manchester. Manchester Union Leader 6 Jan 2006.
TWITCHELL, Marie (Shamos) 51 of Manchester, ME d 6 Nov. 2005, dau of Stavros (Steve) and Melpomeni (Melpo) Shame of Portland, ME. Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram 9 Nov. 2005
VALINDRAS, Adam B. 79, of Stamford, CT,b Naxos, Greece, d 12 Dec 2005, son of late Vasili and Katerina Valindras, husb of Freda C. Lecouras Valindras. Funeral Service at Nichlas F. Cognetta Funeral Home & Crematory in Stamford, CT, with Rev. George Poulos officiating. Stamford Advocate 14 Dec 2005. Click here for full obit.
VALVANIS, Norman J. 86 of Atkinson, NH d 14 Nov 2005, son of late John N. and Demetra Golas Valvanis, husb of Mary E. Sotiropoulos Valvanis. Funeral at Holy Apostles Sts Peter and Paul GOC of Haverhill. Haverhill Gazette Nov. 2005
VANGEL, George N. of Watertown, MA, d 12 Dec. 2005, husb of Olga Dune Vangel. Funeral 15 Dec. 2005 at St. George Albanian Orthodox Cathedral of South Boston. Boston Globe 14 Dec. 2005.
VASILAKOS, William 87, of Darien, CT d 21 Dec 2005, son of late Constantine and Helen Vasilakos, husb of Margaret Broadhurst Vasilakos. Funeral at Edward Lawrence Funeral Homr in Darien, CT, with Fr. Constantine Matthews of Annunciation GOC of Stamford officiating. Stamford Advocate 22 Dec 2005. Click here to read obit.
VASOS, Ourania L. Dionis 86, of Worcester, MA d 16 Dec. 2005, dau of late Ligor and Marianthi Gogos Dionis of Bobosticha, Albania, wife of late Theodore P. Vasos. Funeral 21 Dec. 2005 at St. Spyridon GO Cathedral in Worcester. Worcester Telegram 18 Dec. 2005.
VERENIS, Athena D. (Kourakos) 78 of Saugus, MA d 19 Oct 2005, dau of George and Stella Patsourakos Kourakos, b 18 Nov. 1926. Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram 21 Oct. 2005.
VITIKOS (VITO), Thomas A. 88 of Shrewsbury, MA d 21 Nov. 2005, son of Angelo and Fanny (Xenos) Vitikos, husb of late Dagne E. Lindquist Vitikos. Funeral 23 Nov. 2005 at Nordgren Memorial Chapel in Worcester, MA. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
VLAHAKIS, Peter C. 80 of Raritan Township, NJ d 20 Nov. 2005, son of late Constantinos and Helen Kostakos Vlahakis, husb of late Antoinette Drocopoulos Vlahakis. Funeral 26 Nov. 2005 at the Greek Orthodox Parish of Hunterdon County in Flemington. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
VOLOSIN, John 84, d 24 Nov. 2005, son of late Charles and Mary Volosin, husb of late Dorothy Volosin. Funeral 28 Nov. 2005 at St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
WARHOL, Helen K. 89 of Hampton, PA d 30 Nov. 2005, wife of late John Warhol. Funeral 3 Dec. 2005 at SS Constantine and Helen GOC of Newport News, VA. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
XANTHAKY, Nicholas 94 of Salem, MA d 19 Nov. 2005, son of late Peter and Stavroula Belitsakou Xanthaky, husb of late Alice Karanikolas Xanthaky. Funeral Service St. Vasilios GOC of Peabody, MA. Boston Globe 22 Nov. 2005. Salem Evening News 23 Nov. 2005
YANNEKIS, Pippina 82 of Concord, NH d Aug 2004, dau of Nicholas and Georgia Viry Yannekis. Memb of Holy Trinity GOC of Concord. Concord Monitor 3 Aug 2004.
ZALATORIS, Katherine E. Sullivan 98, of Brockton, MA d Dec. 2005, wife of late Paul P. Zalatoris. Funeral 5 Dec. 2005 at St. Edith Stein Church of Brockton, MA. Boston Globe 5 Dec. 2005.
ZANAKOS, Irene S. 70 of Bethlehem, PA d 24 Nov. 2005, dau of late George and Sophia Costsanas Stephanu, wife of late Michael Zanakos. Funeral 29 Nov. 2005 at St. Nicholas GOC in Bethlehem, PA. National Herald 10 Dec. 2005.
ZEKOPOULOS, Athena 79. of Manchester, NH, d 14 Nov. 2005. She was the dau of Eleftherios and Olga Tsaknakas Zekopoulos. Manchester Union Leader 15 Nov. 2005.

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