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8th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum, Dartmouth College-Dr. Annabel Beerel and Christos Papoutsy will be presenting papers.

8th Oxford International Conference on Social Values in Education and Business

A Call for Papers: Conference on Social Values in Education and Business at the University of Oxford

AMA Code of Ethics

Ancient Gods and Corporate Ethics

Are Business Practices in Greece Corrupt? A Call for International Business Ethics Standards

An Aristotelian Vision for the Global Economy

Aristotle on Modern Democracy

Attorney Michael Reppas to Teach Course on Legal Issues about Elgin Marbles and Other Stolen Antiquities

Boardroom Excellence A Commonsense Perspective on Corporate Governance
by Paul P. Brountas

Boston Business School Offers Master's in Ethics

Bravo Harry Markopolos!

Business Ethics Sizzles in Greece

Business Ethics: There is a Need

Business Ethics Summit at New York City, April 21, 2005

Business Institutionalization Promotes Excellence, Combats Corruption

A Call For Papers: Conference on Social Values in Education and Business at the University of Oxford-July 2006

Can Business Ethics
Be Taught? (English) (Greek)

Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again on the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"

The Centre for Sustainability & Excellence has Developed a Comprehensive Coaching Program 'Advanced Strategy & Reporting For Sustainable Development'

Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) -How to...Sustainability Workshops In-House Workshops 2007

The Centre for Sustainability & Excellence in Conjuction with Active Communication International will be Hosting a Green Leadership Conference

Centre for Sustainability and Excellence Newsletter No.5

Changing Values

Character Strengths of Entrepreneurs

Christos Papoutsy Addresses University Students in Athens

Christos Papoutsy to Lecture at Assumption College on Ethics and a Strategy for a Sustainable Planet

Christos Papoutsy Lectures at Southern New Hampshire University 13 October 2006

Christos Papoutsy Lectures on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at Andover College

Christos Papoutsy to Speak at Athenian Conference on Business Ethics

A Common Sense Approach to Business Can Constitute an Ethical Framework

A Company of Citizens

Corporate Ethics and Restoring Public Confidence

Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Economic Freedom (Keynote Address by Christos Papoutsy)

Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Moral Capitalism Possible?

Corruption and Business Ethics

Corruption in the U.S. Stock Market: A Response from Australia [Reader Response to
Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again On the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"]

Corruption in the U.S. Stock Market: A Response from Europe [Reader Response to
Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again On the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"]

Dealing with Dirty Money

Do Life Insurance Companies Owe Greeks and Greek-Americans Death Benefits?

Dr. Nikolas Avlonas to Head 3rd CSR Summit in Dubai

Earnings and Ethics Investing: What is Moral?

Earnings and Ethics Investing: A Response from Europe

Entrepreneurship and Ethics Equals Success

estandards Forum July 2007 Report on Greece

The Ethical Challenges of Global Engagement: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly-A Panel Discussion and Dialogue-Southern New Hampshire University

Ethical Guidelines

Ethics Begins at the Top: What This Really Means

Ethics and Professional Conduct for CPAs

Ethics for a New Economy

Ethics in Organizations: the Unconscious at Work (in four parts)

Ethics in the Serious Business of Living

The Ethics of Conflict: A Mosque, a Steeple, a Minaret

Ethics, Whose Values?

The Fourth ISBEE [Business Ethics] World Congress 2008 15-18- July 2008-Cape Town, Africa (pdf file)

Free Lectures on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Now Being Scheduled

From Rich to Poor. A Plan for Stabilizing Investment Markets in Developing Countries

From Rich-Poor Relatives to Equal Partners: Towards a New Relationship between the Greeks of the Homeland and the Greeks of the Diaspora

Global Corruption: Measuring Opacity

The Graduate School - Assumption College Hosts a Lecture by Christos Papoutsy-15 September 2007

A Greek Tragedy: The Hazards of Deregulation--by Dimitrios Ioannidis, Esq.

Hellenic Communications Ser
vice Code of Ethics

Innovative services for the Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

Institutionalizing Ethics in a Global Economy

International Watchdogs Report on Analyst Conflict

Lack of Trust Translates into Enthusiasm for More Regulation

Lawyers Detail Rampant Corruption

Learning from the Ancient Greeks-by Janani Harish

Learning to Be Leaders: Can Civic Virtues Be Taught?

Letter from Athens--The Papoutsy Way: An Ethical Guide for Greece--by Andy Dabilis, National Herald Editor

Macroeconomic Fundamentals

Mediate Don't Litigate

The Non-Ethics of the Financial Bailout (October 2008)

Once Upon a Corporation: Leadership Insights from Short Stories - Tolly Kizilos

Origins of Social Responsibility in Ancient Greece

The Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at SNHU Announces Three Lectures to be Presented by Dr. Annabel Beerel

Papoutsy to Lecture at Assumption College on Ethics and a Strategy for a Sustainable Planet

Papoutsy to Speak at UNH Whittemore School of Business

Paul Cardinal Poupard: The Foundational Moral Imperatives of Our Times

Public Confidence and Public Contracting

A Reader's Response to Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again on the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"

Real Estate Disputes: Code of Ethics Offers Guidelines

Rebuilding Trust in Corporate America

Redefining Corporate Integrity in an Age of Doubt

Reflections for the New Year - Yes We Can! The Lost Chapter of the Book of Revelation by Dr. Annabel Beerel

Savvy Businesses Create a "Company of Citizens" with Human Capital

The SEC cases against Siemens and Johnson & Johnson--doing business in Greece through bribes and corruption--by Dimitrios Ioannidis, Esq. [July 2011 newsletter from Roach, Ioannidis & Megaloudis, LLC., 655 KB PDF download]

Seek Wisdom and Advice from Sages

SNHU and the Ethics Chair-October 5 2006-Colloquium Presentations on Ethics now Available On-line for Viewing and/or Downloading

SHNU Shines with Strategic Leadership

Social Entrepreneurship and Business Schools

Solid Corporate Ethics Can Be Good Business, Too

Southern New Hampshire University and Papoutsy Chair in Ethics to Host "Business Beyond Borders: A Discussion on Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility." Click here to view and download event flyer (PDF). Click here to view flyer for Papoutsy book on business ethics (PDF). 

Southern New Hampshire University Announces New Recipient of Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics

Southern New Hampshire University Announces Plans for Transparency III: Personal and Social Responsibility

Southern New Hampshire University's Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics Announces New Appointment for the Ethics Chair (PDF brochure)

Stating the Obvious

A Strategy for a Sustainable Planet Earth

Taking a Bite Out of Corruption

The Professional and Business Ethics: It Starts With You

The Search for Moral Capitalism (PDF)

What If Aristotle Ran Your Company?

What Will We Tell the Children?--by Dr. Annabel Beerel

What is Ethical? An American View.

Which Way to Moral Capitalism?

Wittgenstein's Bedrock: What Business Ethicists Do

Women, Leadership, and Ethics: A Discussion Hosted by the Christos & Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University

"Why Bribes?" by Christos Papoutsy

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