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Endowed Chair in Business Ethics Established at New Hampshire College (Southern New Hampshire University)

Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Ioannis Magriotis Speaks at Inauguration of Chair in Business Ethics

Inaugural Remarks by Christos Papoutsy

Why the Classics?--Inaugural Remarks by Mary Papoutsy

Papoutsy Chair Articles and Releases

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The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Chair in Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University Presents - Ethics Boot Camp 101, 27-28 April 2007, Nashua NH

The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethic at Southern New Hampshire University Restoring Public Trust

The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethic at Southern New Hampshsire University Presented U.S. Ambassadors Defending the U.S. Business Image Abroad

The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at SNHU Presents Ethics of Exclusivity, Nov. 6 2006, Manchester, NH

The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at SNHU Presents Slick Enough: Four People, Too Many Secrets to Count (Play) Nov. 7 2006, Manchester, NH

The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at SNHU Presents Restoring Public Trust-Nov. 8 2006, Manchester, NH

The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at SNHU Presents An Ambassador's Challenge Nov. 9 2006, Manchester, NH

SNHU Receives $50,000 for Ethics Initiatives, Announces Fourth International Transparency Week

The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University is Hosting an Event: Putting Corporate Responsibility on the National Agenda-27 September 2006

Transparency IV-Focusing on Interconnectedness - Negotiating Our Differences - - Southern New Hampshire University Annual Conference in Ethics- 6-9 November 2006

The Ethical Challenges of Global Engagement: The Good, the Bad, and the ugly-A Panel Discussion and Dialogue-Southern New Hampshire University

The Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at SNHU Announces Three Lectures to be Presented by Dr. Annabel Beerel

Public Ethics Forum: The Ethical Challenges of Global Engagement--Southern New Hampshire University 5 April 2006 (Click here for downloadable PDF flyer)

Women, Leadership and Ethics a Discussion Hosted by the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at the Southern New Hampshire University-28 March 2006

"Women Leaders, Ethics and Business" - Presentation at SNHU by Dr. Annabel Beerel

The Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at SNHU Announces Three Lectures to be Presented by Dr. Annabel Beerel

SNHU Conference to Focus on Transparency

Benchmarks in Business: Restoring the Trust. A Symposium Hosted by SNHU,

Southern New Hampshire University Announces Plans for Transparency III: Personal and Social Responsibility

Why Study the Greeks? Check the Map--Lecture by Dr. Michael Shenefelt

Fall Symposium: Dr. Michael Shenefelt

Business Ethics Matters: The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Endowed Chair in Business Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University (Spring 2003 Issue)

Business Ethics Matters (Fall 2002 Issue)

Business Ethics Matters: (Spring 2002 Issue)

Invitation to Martin Luther King Day Event

Book Release: Love and Profit. The Art of Caring Leadership, by James Autry

Southern New Hampshire University Hosts Noted Author and Businessman James Autry

Noted Author to Lecture at Southern New Hampshire University

Christos Papoutsy Public Service Lectures

Mr. Papoutsy lectures on a number of topics relating to business and business ethics. Among these are two series entitled "Horatio Alger Lecture Series," and "Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsbility." Listed below are a representative sampling of the topics available within each series. For more information, follow the links below. Contact Mr. Papoutsy by fax
603-379-8141 or by email to arrange for a free lecture.

Horatio Alger Lecture Series

  • The Business Plan
  • Marketing
  • Industry Life Cycle
  • The Three C's of Business Planning
  • The Venture Capitalist
  • Financial Request
  • Financial
  • Competitors
  • Vendors
  • Management
  • Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business Disputes

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Is Moral Capitalism Possible?
    A Company of Citizens: Human Capital
  • Ethics & Earning--What is Moral?
  • What If Aristotle Ran Your Company?
  • Measuring Global Opacity
  • Socially Responsible Investing, Public Stocks & Mutual Funds
  • Institutionalization and the Professional Board of Directors
  • Sound Business Practices & Procedures
  • Restoring Public Trust: the Latest Laws & Regulations to Curb Corporate Corruption
  • What Is a Corporate Socially Responsible Business and What Do They Need to Do?
  • Five Types of Capital That Form the Foundation for Corporate Socially Responsible Business
  • Can Ethics Be Mandated: Codes of Ethics, Business Principles, Laws & Regulations, Oversight, and Transparency

Business Ethics and Ethics Articles

AMA Code of Ethics

Ancient Gods and Corporate Ethics

An Aristotelian Vision for the Global Economy

Aristotle on Modern Democracy

Business Ethics Sizzles in Greece

Business Ethics: There is a Need--Christos Papoutsy

Business Institutionalization Promotes Excellence, Combats Corruption--Christos Papoutsy

Can Business Ethics Be Taught? (English) (Greek)--Christos Papoutsy

Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again on the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"--Christos Papoutsy

Christos Papoutsy Addresses University Students in Athens

Christos Papoutsy Lectures on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at Andover College

Christos Papoutsy to Speak at Athenian Conference on Business Ethics

A Common Sense Approach to Business Can Constitute an Ethical Framework--Christos Papoutsy

A Company of Citizens

Corporate Ethics and Restoring Public Confidence

Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Economic Freedom--Keynote Address by Christos Papoutsy

Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Moral Capitalism Possible?--Christos Papoutsy

Corruption and Business Ethics

Corruption in the U.S. Stock Market: A Response from Australia [Reader Response to
Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again On the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"]

Corruption in the U.S. Stock Market: A Response from Europe [Reader Response to
Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again On the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"]

Dealing with Dirty Money

Earnings and Ethics Investing: What is Moral?--Christos Papoutsy

Earnings and Ethics Investing: A Response from Europe

Economic Freedom: The Way for World Economies to Grow--Christos Papoutsy

Entrepreneurship and Ethics Equals Success--Christos Papoutsy

Ethical Guidelines

Ethics and Professional Conduct for CPAs

Ethics in Organizations: the Unconscious at Work

Ethics in the Serious Business of Living

Ethics, Whose Values?--Christos Papoutsy

Free Lectures on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Now Being Scheduled

From Rich to Poor. A Plan for Stabilizing Investment Markets in Developing Countries

From Rich-Poor Relatives to Equal Partners: Towards a New Relationship between the Greeks of the Homeland and the Greeks of the Diaspora

Global Corruption: Measuring Opacity--Christos Papoutsy

Harvesting the Entrepreneurial Olive Tree--Christos Papoutsy

Innovative services for the Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

Institutionalizing Ethics in a Global Economy

The Integrated Perspective: An Interpretation of Female-Owned Businesses--Christos Papoutsy

International Watchdogs Report on Analyst Conflict--Christos Papoutsy

Lack of Trust Translates into Enthusiasm for More Regulation

Learning to Be Leaders: Can Civic Virtues Be Taught?

Macroeconomic Fundamentals--Christos Papoutsy

Measuring Opacity--Christos Papoutsy

Mediate, Don't Litigate: The Need for Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution--Christos Papoutsy

The Non-Ethics of the Financial Bailout

Once Upon a Corporation: Leadership Insights from Short Stories - Tolly Kizilos

Origins of Social Responsibility in Ancient Greece

Papoutsy to Speak at UNH Whittemore School of Business

Paul Cardinal Poupard: The Foundational Moral Imperatives of Our Times

The Professional and Business Ethics: It Starts With You

Public Confidence and Public Contracting--Christos Papoutsy

A Reader's Response to Caveat Emptor: World Stock Markets May Be Rising Again on the Back of "Irrational Exuberance"

Real Estate Disputes: Code of Ethics Offers Guidelines

Rebuilding Trust in Corporate America

Redefining Corporate Integrity in an Age of Doubt

Savvy Businesses Create a "Company of Citizens" with Human Capital--Christos Papoutsy

The Search for Moral Capitalism (PDF)

Seek Wisdom and Advice from Sages--Christos Papoutsy

Social Entrepreneurship and Business Schools

Solid Corporate Ethics Can Be Good Business, Too

Southern New Hampshire University The Extra Mile-Setting Limits by Dr, Annabel Beerel

Southern New Hampshire University-The Observer-Restoring Public Trust!

Taking a Bite Out of Corruption

What If Aristotle Ran Your Company?--Christos Papoutsy

What is Ethical? An American View.

What is the Wealth Creation Process?--Christos Papoutsy

Where Did the Seven Trillion Dollars Go?--Christos Papoutsy

Which Way to Moral Capitalism? A Comparison of CSR in the US and EU-Greece--Christos Papoutsy

Wittgenstein's Bedrock: What Business Ethicists Do


The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University


The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics has been established to address the university's mission to develop within students the wisdom to lead ethical professional and personal lives. Ethics is understood to encompass a wide range of topics including those essential ideals that extend back to our classical forebears.

The Chair promotes this goal through teaching, community lectures, working with faculty and staff to enhance this dimension of their teaching and work, interacting with the external constituencies, and playing a leadership role in campus-wide initiatives related to the topic.

Using the Classics as a foundation and estending through contemporary writers and thinkers, the Chair brings into the curriculum and the community dialogue the cultural, historical, and contextual intellectual traditions in which we have come to understand the exercise of ethical choices.

For more information about the Ethics Chair and its activities and events, visit the Business Arena page of Hellenic Communication Service at or the University website at

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