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Macedonia and FYROM Series

2nd Pan-Macedonian Gathering in Florina July 2013 Featuring 70 Dancing Troupes and Over 1500 Dancers from Throughout Greece and Across Globe (YouTube video link)

2007 Macedonian Convention a Big Success

Academic Freedom Depends Upon Historical Truth and Facts. A Reply by the Panmacedonian Association to Prof. Kazamia.

AHEPA Raises Issue of Improper Use of Star of Vergina to Congress

AHEPA Urges Pres. Bush to Take Stronger Stance with FYROM

AHI's Letter to Secretary of State Powell Calls for New US-FYROM Agreement

"Aiani, Elimiotis, Upper Macedonia: Archaeological and Historical Research". (pdf file)

Albania at Risk of Reigniting the "Civil War of 1997"

Alexander the Great -- Sui Generis

Alexander the Great -- Siu Generis by Nicholas Martis -Revisited-

AHI Action Alert: Contact Michigan State Senator Laura Toy About Recognition of "Macedonia"

Archbishop Demetrios Meets With National Security Advi
sor Condoleezza Rice At the White House

Athens, Skopje Called to Decide

Athens to FYROM: 'Name Issue' a Paramount Problem

Athens to Skopje: 'Enough is Enough'

Battle Royal Over History Book

Berkeley Professor Rebuts FYROMian Claims in Periodical

CANA Rallied Community in Support of Human Rights for Hellenes in FYROM, Nina Gatzoulis Addresses Large Crowd in New York

Can Skopje Bring Greece Polls?

Chairman and Top Republican of Europe Subcommittee Champion Bill to End FYROM Propaganda Against Greece

Clinton Demands Independent Kossovo

Congressional Hellenic Caucus Chairs, Reps. Bilirakis and Maloney, Express Concern to Powell Over Recent Actions Toward Cyprus

Dr. Gaetano Cipolla, Sicilian History Expert, Lectures at the Pan-Macedonian Center

Distinguished Scholars Worldwide Protest Skopjan Propaganda: Over 200 Experts Sign Letter Sent to Pres. Obama

The End of the Macedonian Struggle: This Week in History, July 11, 1908

Envoy to Skopje Recalled After Statements on the FYROM Name Dispute

FYROM - The Adventures of a Name

The FYROM Affair

FYROM's False Claims to "Macedonianism"

FYROM Issue 'Cries for Solution'

FYROM Must Join Greece in Name Compromise: No Historical Basis for "Republic of Macedonia"

FYROM Name Talks Continue

FYROM's Missed Opportunity

FYROM Still a Diplomatic Thorn

FYROM Won't Budge on Name

Greece Awaits FYROM on Name

Greece Blasts FYROM Nationalism

Greece, FYROM Make Haste Slowly

Greece and FYROM 'Should Talk'

Greece Pushes for FYROM Compromise

Greece Sees 'Momentum' on Skopje

Greece: Thessaloniki Petition Calls on Athens to Block Macedonia's NATO Course

Greek-American Groups Lobby, Educate About Macedonian History

Greek American Organizations' 2006 Policy Statement on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Greek Foreign Minister Speaks Out on Thorny Balkan Issues

HANC Responds to Nimitz Proposal for Renaming FYROM

Hellenic American National Council

Historical Sources Regarding the Contents of Alexander the Great's Speech at Opis

The Identity of Macedonians

Intense Mobility of Pan-Macedonian Association USA (English)

Intense Mobility of Pan-Macedonian Association USA (Greek)

International Campaign Regarding FYROM's Permanent Name

International Foundation of Alexander the Great Holds Evening of Music and Poetry Dedicated to Seferis and Elytis

Joint Declaration on the FYROM Name Issue from the Hellenic American National Council

Leaders of Pan-Macedonian Association Meet with Greek Foreign Minister Bakoyianni
[English Version] [Greek Version]

Let Them Eat Cake:The Similarities Between Marie Antoinette and the Greek Political Elite [English Version] [Greek Version]

Letter to Nimetz - Nina Gatzoulis, Supreme President of the Pan-Macedonian Association (pdf file)

Letter to the President

Macedonia: Britain No Longer Claims Alexandrian Ancestry

Macedonia Redux: Uncertainty in the Slav-Albanian Partnership

Macedonian Association of Chania, Crete Launches Official Website

Macedonian Associations Call to Action--[Greek]

Macedonian Associations Issue Urgent Call to Action to All Greeks in Response to Possible New Composite Name for FYROM--21 June 2010--CALL TO ACTION

Macedonian Issues Letter of Protest Against the Arch of "Macedonia" in FYROM

The Macedonian Question: History and the Present Day

Macedonians in the Ancient Olympiads

Matthew Nimetz: Obama Leans More Towards the Greek Position on the Name Issue with FYROM

Matthew Nimetz Versus Alexander the Great--by Theodore Spyropoulos, Coordinator SAE/USA
Click here for English Version (pdf file) - Click here for Greek Version (pdf file)

Memories of Macedonia 1992-3

Message from "SAE America" Greek Macedonia

Message on the Pontian Genocide - From the Coordinator's Office of the SAE USA Region

Museum for Alexander the Great

The National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes (CEH)

New Light on Macedonian Melee

Nina Gatzoulis Addresses Large Crowd in New York

Nina Gatzoulis - Report on Skopjan Propaganda in Greek - Revised 9-22-04 and Appended July 2005

Nina Gatzoulis Supreme President of the Pan-Macedonian Association Announces Resolutions Declared at Convention [English] [Greek]

Nimetz Denies US Influence

Northern Macedonians Find Company to Worship Imagined Ancestors

Our Answers to Professor Victor Friedman's Allegations on Macedonia [MS Word doc]

Pan-Macedonian Associations Meets With Assistant Secretary of the State Department, Mr. Daniel Fried

Pan-Macedonian Association of the U.S. Press Release 08 February 2010--Meeting with Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Droutsas in New York [Greek]

Pan Macedonian Studies Center, Inc.-September 2009 News [PDF]

Professor Nina Gatzoulis, Supreme President of the Pan-Macedonian Association, U.S.A. Responds to the Washington Times Article, Name Game Blame by James Morrison

No Strategy Emerges on Macedonia Issue

Op-Ed by AHI President Published in The National Herald

Open Letter from Nikolaos Martis, Former Hellenic Government Minister

Pan Macedonian Association Convention Program Kavala 26-31 July 2005

Pan-Macedonian Association, Inc. Letter to National Herald

Pan -Macedonian Association, Inc. Press Release

Pan-Macedonian Association of America Meets with Amb. Mallias, Sets Goals for 2005-6 [Greek & English]

Pan-Macedonian Association of the U.S. Announces New Board, Successful Academic Conference

Pan-Macedonian Association of US Hosts Greek Consul General of Boston. Click here for Greek version of release.

Pan-Macedonian Association of the U.S. Press Release 08 February 2010--Meeting with Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Droutsas in New York [Greek]

Pan-Macedonian Association of US to Hold 57th National Convention in Boston

Pan-Macedonian Association Meets with UN Mediator Nimitz in New York

Pan-Macedonian Association Responds to Milososki's Remarks

Pan-Macedonian Association USA Holds 59th Annual National Convention in Kavala in Conjunction with 9th International Convention of the Pan-Macedonian Associations

Pan-Macedonian Association USA Holds 59th Annual National Convention in Kavala

Pan-Macedonian Associations Worldwide Send Letter to Karamanlis about FYROM [in Greek]

Pan-Macedonian Convention Elects New Board, Reasserts Position on Name Dispute with FYROM

Pan Macedonians Press Release 08/04/05

Pan Macedionian Press Release

Pan Macedonian Studies Center E-Newspaper
April 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1

Pan Macedonian Studies Center, Inc.-September 2009 News

Prescription for Failure by Marcus A. Templar

Recent Developments in FYROM

Religion in Macedonia throughout the Ages

Response to President of World SAE

Role of the Omogenia in Greek Foreign...

70 Members Of Congress Call On Bush Administration To Reverse New U.S. Policy Regarding FYROM

Senator Menendez Sends FYROM Strong Message

Skopjans Protest U.S. House Resolution and Call for Action Alert in Opposition

Skopje Contributes to its own Instability by Marcus A. Templar

Skopje's Letter to Athens Pleads for 'Good Neighbourliness'

Skopje Touts Ethnicity

Skopje Won't Play Ball

Solid Arguments, not "Blackmail"

South Australia Premier Rann: Macedonia is as Greek as the Acropolis

Stagnation in the Western Balkans

Statement From The Organized Pan-Macedonian Associations Of The Diaspora

Storm Brews Over FYROM Name Issue

The Strange Affair of a Country Called FYROM

Strong Mobilization of Greek Diaspora on the Naming of Fyrom, Open Letter to Secretary Rice (pdf)

Tito's Pseudomacedonian Nation of Skopje is a Political and Historical Fraud

A Thorn by Any Other Name, FYROM

Traditional Costumes Presented

UNH Professor Nina Gatzoulis Receives International Award

Urgent Push to Settle Fyrom Name

Action Alert: U.S. House of Reps FYROM Resolution

U.S.State Department says it does not Recognize 'a Macedonian Language' or Ethnicity

US Policy in the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean: Time to Stop Choosing Sides and to Start Choosing Strategic Interests

US Reference to 'Macedonia' Spurs Protest

What's In a Name? 

What's in a Name? With Macedonia, plenty!

Where Did We Go Wrong? By Marcus A. Templar

Whitewashing Paidomazoma [in English]

Whitewashing Paidomazoma [in Greek]

Whose Violations Is Mrs. Sekerinska Talking About?

Will UN Envoy Bring Fyrom North?

Worcester to Host 65th Annual National Pan-Macedonian Association Convention 26-31 May 2011

Youth Programs at the Pan-Macedonian Studies Center (pdf file)

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