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73 Percent of Greeks Have Never Used the Internet

Abortions in Greece

Academics Strike Back

Acropolis on Top 10 List

AHEPA Action Alert: Immediate Action Requested About U.S. State Dept. Formal Invitation to Northern Cypriot Talat

AHEPA Applauds U.S. House of Representatives: Rep. Sarbanes Resolution Passes 407-0, Extends Condolences to Greece

AHEPA Calls for 'Day of Remembrance' for Genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor

AHEPA Condemns Attack on US Embassy in Athens

AHEPA Congratulates Congress--Gus Bilirakis Recently Selected for Foreign Affairs Committee

AHEPA Creates Questionnaire on Greek-American Issues for 2006 Congressional Candidates

Ahepa Formulates Agenda, Assistance to Greece: Meetings with Congress, US State Dept, USAID, Amb. Mallias

AHEPA to Honor Sarbanes, Bilirakis at Gala Affair

AHEPA Presents Cyprus Reconciliation Forum

AHEPA Presents: Future of Greek America with Dr. Moskos-11 March 2006

AHEPA: UN Plan Provides Hope for Future of Cyprus

AHEPANS Express Elation Over Successful Olympic Games

AHI Action Alert: Ask Reps to Sign Two Letters to Be Sent to Secy of State Rice Concerning Talat and Turkey

AHI and The Armenian National Commitee of New York Presents a Forum: Turkey and the EU-24 February 2006

AHI: Greek American Organizations Call for Changes in the Annan Plan

AHI Meets with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

AHI Kissinger - An Accessory to Turkey's War Crimes

AHI Praises Members of Congress Regarding Cypru

AHI Rebuts Washington Times Editorial Declaring France a Spoiler in Cyprus Issues

Albania at Risk of Reigniting the "Civil War of 1997"

Alexander the Great -- Siu Generis by Nicholas Martis -Revisited-

American Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures Announces Inaugural Lecture

American Embassy in Athens Hit by Anti-tank Missile

Apostolic Nuncio in Turkey Convinced Assassination of Fr. Santoro is Work of Mastermind

Approval for Cremation Gathers Pace

Archbishop Demetrios to Receive Legislative Letters Calling for Religious Freedom in Turkey

Archbishop Diagnosed with Cancer

Archdiocese Establishes Sexual Misconduct Policy

Archdiocese of America Sues NY Port Authority to Rebuild St. Nicholas Church at Ground Zero

Argonaftes Association Holds Jewish Memorial

Armenian Genocide Resolution Passes US Congress Committee

The Armenian Genocide Survey

Armenian National Committee of America Condemns Murder of Hrant Dink in Turkey

Armenian National Committee of America Marks Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day

As Good As Our Bond (and Other Thoughts)--by John Psaropoulos

AsiaNews Interview with Catholic Bishop Padovese About Assassination of Fr. Santoro in Turkey

Athenian Temple Site Caught in Crossfire

Athens Banks Firebombed

Athens Burning [Dec 2008]

Athens to Skopje: 'Enough is Enough'

Athens Tram to Begin Operation in June

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler Blasts Turkey

Bakoyiannis Voices Support for Rapid Entry of Serbia into EU

Balkans Expert Cautions Against Repeat of Kossovo Within Greek Borders. Editorial by Stella Jatras

Baltic Times Editorial: Turkey Must Face the Truth

Bank of Greece: Absorbing Financial Shock

Battle Royal Over History Book

Besieged by Inflation in Greece

Best wishes for 2005 to our US cousins

Bilirakis Makes Statement on House Floor Opposing Annan Plan

Bosnia: the Birthplace of Al-Quaeda

Bravo Harry Markopolos!

Bush's Legacy and Turkey and Cyprus

A Call for A Reporting Policy on Sexual Abuse

Can Skopje Bring Greece Polls?

Can You Cheat on a Paternity Test? [March 2009]

Cathedral of Boston Invites Public to Panel Discussion by Experts on "Theological School of Halki: Past, Present and Future."--31 March 2011

Celebrating the First 100 Years. . . 1907--2007 for Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Portland, Oregon. Centennial events May 4-6, 2007.

Chairman and Top Republican of Europe Subcommittee Champion Bill to End FYROM Proganda Against Greece

Changes to Controversial 6th-grade History Textbook Completed

A Changing Society, Like It or Not

Children's Museum of Manhattan to Present New Model of "World's First Computer" Antikythera Mechanism

The Christian's Responsibility for Global Warming Issues

Christy Mihos' Gubernatorial Candidacy Guided by Love for Commonwealth and Heritage

Church Bombings in Iraq Since 2004

Church for Sale: 'It Had to be Done'

Cicero's President Larry Dominick is Proud to Be Greek

Civil Service offers IDeal solution

Clinton Appoints Turk

Clinton Demands Independent Kossovo

Columbia University Establishes Chair in Hellenic Studies with Gift from Kyriakos Tsakopoulos

Congressman Menendez: Strong Supporter of Greece, Cyprus, the Ecumenical Patriarch, and Armenia

Constantine Maroulis National Concert Tour 2006--Schedule

Constantine the Great Celebrated in York (UK) Exhibition 1700 Years On

Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Nominated for the Tourism for Tomorrow Award

Cypriot Minister Paschalides Recently Announced that US-Based Noble Energy to Begin Drilling for Natural Gas in Cyprus

Defending the Faith - Battle Over a Christian Monastery Tests Turkey's Tolerance of Minorities

Defense Minister Meimarakis in Washington: Greek-U.S. Relations Strategic and Vital

Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece,Theodore Kassimis, to Visit Boston

Devastating Lawsuit Hits Archdiocese

Dickensian Workplaces

Distinguished Scholars Worldwide Protest Skopjan Propaganda: Over 200 Experts Sign Letter Sent to Pres. Obama

Do Any Life Insurance Companies Owe Greeks or Greek-Americans Death Benefits?

Drexel University President Papadakis Dead at 63

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to Appear on 60 Minutes Segment on Orthodox Christianity--20 December 2009

Ecumenical Patriarch Meets Turkish PM

Ecumenical Patriarchate Wins Property Case

E-standards Forum July 2007 Report on Greece

E.13 passes despite heated opposition

Eirinaios 'Sacrificed' in Istanbul

Ellinikon Airport: Salvation or White Elephant?

English Teachers in Greece Confront Neglect

Equality Still Elusive for Women in Greece

Entrepreneurs Set Eyes on Post-Olympic Windfall

Entrepreneurship at a Crossroads in Greece

Envoy to Skopje Recalled After Statements on the Fyrom Name Dispute

Europe Stubs Out

European Affairs Publishes AHI Letter to the Editor

Family of Missing Greek-Cypriot Files Application with EU Court of Human Rights Against Turkey

Feta Cheese Battle Reaches European Court

1st Annual New England Hellenic Expo--Maliotis Cultural Ctr., Brookline, MA--28 & 29 October 2006.

Fish Rising Fast as One of Greece's Main Food Exports

Five-Year Sentence for Police Officers Who Threw Christian Copt Out of Window

Forced Islamization of Christian Conscripts in the Egyptian Army

Foreign Ministry on Greek-Turkish Issues

Foreigners Residing in the EU and in Greece: Statistics from Eurostat

Former Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis and Greek-American Philanthropist Tsakopoulos to Receive Pancretan Association Awards in September [in Greek]

Fourth Annual Conference on the Future of Hellenism in America--November 19-20, 2005, NYC

The Founding and Progress of S.A.E., World Council of Hellenes Abroad [in Greek]

French Bill Outrages Turkey

A Fresh Look at the Cyprus Issue

Fyrom Still a Diplomatic Thorn

George Tenet Grants Interview with CBS's 60 Minutes; Slam-Dunk?

Global Hellenism: a New Periodical for the Global Greek [in Greek]

Global Warming to Affect Greek Tourism

Glykeria in Concert-Schedule of Events for the Month of March

Governor Pataki Issues Proclamation

Greco-Armenian Response to Possible U.S. Military Action Against Syria: HALC and ANCA Rise to the Cause in the Levant

Greece: A Frontline State for U.S. Interests--by Nick Larigakis, President of American Hellenic Institute in Washington, DC

Greece Aflame: Urgent SAE Appeal for Help. English text. Greek version.

Greece Almost Bottom in Gender Equality

Greece, Albania Sign Continental Shelf Pact

Greece and FYROM 'Should Talk'

Greece and the Balkans--A Commentary by Ambassador Alexandros Mallias

Greece Blasts FYROM Nationalism

Greece, China Seek to Boost Shipping Ties

Greece Engulfed in Inferno: PM Calls State of Emergency

Greece Fights for its Lost Treasures

Greece Flies to New Heights: Additional Security Measures Implemented at Venizelos Airport

Greece --- from a visitor's view point!

Greece Goes Mobile with WiMAX Broadband, Courtesy of Craig Wireless, Nortel

Greece: 9th Largest Investor in Romania in 2007

Greece on Red Alert Over Bird Flu

Greece Prepares for Assumption of OSCE Presidency '09

Greece Pushes for FYROM Compromise

Greece Rejects Parthenon Marbles Loan Offer

Greece Takes Over F-16

Greece to Host 2013 Mediterranean Games

Greece Wins Label "Feta," Struggles with "Macedonia"?

Greece Wins Top Award at SITC Tourism Salon in Barcelona

Greek Ambassador Gives Nuanced Talk on Balkans

Greek-American Friends of Florida Legislator Gus Bilirakis Hold Fundraising Reception

Greek-American Leaders Call for Congress to Correct Library of Congress Report that Unfairly Damages Greece's Image

Greek-American Oceanographic Research Collaboration

Greek Americans Protest Asia Minor Decree Revision

Greek Anti-Americanism: Bridging the Gap

Greek Archaeologists Unearth Ancient City Fortifications on Crete

Greek Business Executive Runs for Louisiana Governor (pdf file)

Greek Cypriots Start Worldwide Petition for Return of Varosha/Famagusta to Rightful Inhabitants ( see petition at the URL http://www.isxys.org/famagusta/ )

Greek Death Toll Reaches 15 in Peloponnese Wildfires

Greek Economy Feathers Unruffled

Greek-English and English-Greek Electronic Dictionary Now Available for Mobile Devices

Greek FM: Key Year to Solve Cyprus Issue

Greek Foreign Minister Speaks Out on Thorny Balkan Issues

Greek Government: Roughly One Million Migrants Live in Greece

Greek Government to Host 120 Greek Youth from Oceania, Africa and Latin America

Greek Ire at Obama Trip to Turkey

Greek Landing Day Celebration 2006--St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine--St. Augustine, FL--June 23-25

Greek Landing Weekend a Huge Success

Greek Premier Karamanlis Inaugurates Exhibition on Maria Callas

Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis Announces Creation of Performing Arts Academy

Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis to Deliver Tufts University Commencement Address

Greek Price Hikes Defy Observatory

Greek Real Estate Boom Defies Market Doldrums

Greek, Russian PM Talks on Energy Issues

Greek Secretariat General of Information Update on Fire Relief Contributions

Greek Tourism: A Powerful Industry

A Greek Tragedy Enough, Abundant and the Non-Existent Wisdom

Greek Villages Facing Slow Death

Greeks Can't Make Ends Meet

Greeks Sink Deeper Into Debt

Greeks of the World Unite

The Halki Theological School: Past, Present, and Future--a Panel Discussion of Experts Hosted by the Cathedral of Boston on 31 March 2011

HCS Lodges Complaint with National Radio Broadcaster Paul Harvey over Remarks about Cyprus

HCS Reader Finds Fault with "On the Road to the EU" Series about Turkey.

Hellenes Worldwide Urged to Share WWII Memories in Book, Film, Web Project [Feb. 2010]

Hellenic American Cultural Association of Colorado Hosts Symposium on Byzantine Culture

Hellenic Business Network Announces "Big Idea" Competition

A Hellenic Case Against Hillary--by Theodore G. Karakostas

Hellenic Genocide: Was it a "Catastrophe," or a "Devastation?"

Hellenic League of America Announces 3rd Annual Greek Genocide Commemoration in NYC

HLA's [Hellenic League of America] Fidanakis Criticizes Greek-American Lobby Groups over Handling of Genocides

Hellenic Museum & Cultural Center Seeks Items for Upcoming Exhibit That Reveal Role of Food in Greek Culture

The Hellenic News of America Celebrates 20th Anniversary-11 November 2007

Help Save Ancient Temple of Artemis Agrotera in Athens from Imminent Destruction

Historic Epiphany Celebration in Tarpon Springs to Air Nationally on Hallmark Channel--29 Jan. 2006

Honesty is More Important Than Cash (or, Value is More Important Than Liquidity): Greece's First Loans--by John Psaropoulos of The First Athenian

Hope Wanes for Christodoulos

How to Contact Your Congressional Representative--21 September 2006

The Identity of Macedonians

Illinois Rep. Pihos Introduces Religious Freedom Resolution to Support Patriarchate

Indirect Taxes Lead Europe to the Cliff

Information Technology Industries: The European Paradox

IOCC Urgent Action Appeal: Relief for the Beleaguered People of Haiti

International Assyria Day to Be Held in Sydney 3 July 2011

International Panel Calls for Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles

Istanbul Greeks Seek Justice in Land Claims

Italy Returns Parthenon Piece

Italy Teams With Greece to Reclaim Antiquities

John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress

Karamanlis Outlines Priorities, Demands Immediate Results

Karamanlis Won Second Term in Greece

Katherine Pappas, Past National Philoptochos President, Passes Away After Long, Distinguished Service to Orthodox Church

Lazaridis Makes A $100 Million Quantum Leap in Canada

Leaders of Pan-Macedonian Association Meet with Greek Foreign Minister Bakoyianni
[English Version] [Greek Version]

"Let Him Be Called Hellene!" The Last Interview with Professor C.M. Woodhouse

Let Them Eat Cake:The Similarities Between Marie Antoinette and the Greek Political Elite [English Version] [Greek Version]

Let's Stop the Looting of Treasures

A Libertarian of Athens Speaks Out Against Greek Politics

Library of Congress Report Accuses Greece of "Malfeasance"

The Marbles - Elgin or Parthenon?

Marbles May Go Back to Greece After 200 Years

The Marriage between Press and Political Parties is Finally Beginning to Break Down in Greece--by John Psaropoulos at http://www.thehewathenian.com

Marrying the Greek Family

Mastermind of Ethnic Cleansing Ceku Being Granted Forum by U.S. Institute of Peace

Matsis For Mayor Campaign

Matthew Nimetz Versus Alexander the Great--by Theodore Spyropoulos, Coordinator SAE/USA
Click here for English Version (pdf file) - Click here for Greek Version (pdf file)

Message from the Coordinator of SAE, USA Region: 33 Years Later, We Cannot Forget (pdf)

Middle Eastern Muslims Continue to Torture and Kill Christians and Other Minorities with Impunity--Just Like in Kossovo

Mobile Broadband in Greece

Monumental Stupidity

Mosque Plans Unveiled

National Historical Museum of Greece Donates Books for UNH Special Collection

National Security Expert Says "No" to Islamist Turkey in EU

Needed: An Ultramodern "Peter the Great for Greece"

The New Cyprus Controversy: Oil

New Greek Ambassador Presents His Credentials to President George W. Bush

The New Greek Museum Raises Hopes For the Return of the Elgin Marbles

New Issue of Celebrated Literary Journal to Focus on Greek-Americans

New Light on Macedonian Melee [10 September 2008]

New President of SAE

New SAE USA Offices in Athens and Washington Offer First-time Ever Services, Opportunities to Omogeneia. Click here for English version. For Greek release, click here.

NYS Gov. Cuomo Announces Signing of Final Agreement on St. Nicholas Church at Archdiocesan Council Meeting

New York Life Donates $1,000,000 for the Study of Hellenism in Asia Minor

New York Life Insurance Voluntary Program to Reach Out to Heirs of Greek Policies 1914

Nimetz Denies US Influence

"Northern Cyprus": The Next Potential Surprise

Northern Epirus is Not a Dirty Word!--by Konstantinos Kalymnios, Secretary of the Pan-Epirotic Federation of Australia

November 17 - Facts and Fiction

Obama and Hellenic America: Year in Review--by Ioannis Fidanakis

Obama Prostitutes Freedom and Truth in Turkey--by Ioannis Fidanakis of Hellenic League of America

Odyssey -Greek Language Immersion Charter School to Open Its Doors in Wilmington, DE- Ribbon Cutting Ceremony-12 June 2006

Olympic Airways to Transport AHEPA Care Packages to Greece: Items Collected Will Be Sent to Greece Free

OCN to Host Live and Interactive Web TV Christmas Special Dec. 9, 2007

Orthodox Priest Beheading and Recent White House Omission Lead to Call for American Protection of Pope and Ecumenical Patriarch Meeting in Turkey

Pan-Macedonian Association Rebuts Skopjan Assertions

Pan-Macedonian Association Responds to Milososki's Remarks

Pan-Thracian Union of America "Orpheus" Announces Hellenic Genocide Memorial Opposite UN 6 April 2010

Panic Returns to Athens

Papadopoulos: A Resounding "No!" to the UN Plan

Patriarch Bartholomeos II under Investigation by Turkish Prosecutors, Threatened with Jail for Statements about Ecumenical Nature of Patriarchate

A Perspective on Divorces Among Greek Orthodox Couples

Pieces of Peace

'Plant Your Roots' Reforestation of Greece Accepts Easy, Secure Online Donations: Click here for English Version (pdf file) Click here for Greek Version (pdf file)

Priest Beaten in Izmir [Smyrna] to Cries of "We Will Kill You All!"

Queen Sofia Given the Golden Medal of Athens

"Quintessentially British" Hobby Sparks Diplomatic Furor

Rathergate' Again? AP Refuses to Print Other Side of Kossovo Story Despite Increasing Calls of Falsified Claims

Religious Leaders Unite to Abolish Torture Archbishop Demetrios Among Those Calling for Eradication

Remarks by Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis at CSIS-26 September 2006

Renowned Human Rights Advocates, Scholars, Diplomats, and Parliamentarians Focus on Turkey's Religious Freedom Concerns at International Archon Conference in Brussels

Rep. Menendez Commemorates Anniversary of Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

Rep. Menendez Supports Ecumenical Patriarch in Congress

Reps. Maloney, Bilirakis Introduce Resolution Urging Turkey to Respect Rights and Religious Freedoms of the Ecumenical Patriarch

Reps. Maloney, Pallone Lead Effort Urging EU to Press Turkey on Meeting its Accession Criteria

The Return of an 'Old Loved One' to Greece: Last Liberty Arrives to Become a Museum

Rice Raises Patriarchate's Unobstructed Operation, Halki Seminary Reopening, with Turkish FM in Washington Talks

The Rigours of Teaching in Greece

SAE Diaspora Symposium: Nostos, Scientists, Technology--Vehicle to Economic Development in Hellas

SAE Symposium for Diaspora Hellenes to Focus on Scientists' Role in Advancing Technology, Economy

SAE's World Board of Directors Must Resign--Exclusive Interview of HANC Pres. Spyropoulos with Magazine Sofia Times [in Greek]

Salamis, Tarts, Paedophilia and Pornikotelos

Scandalous Map: Expansionist Ambitions of Ultranationalist Turks. Click here for original French-Greek version. To read translation into English, click here.

Senator Menendez Sends FYROM Strong Message

Sen. Olympia Snowe Brings Concerns on Congressional Travel to Cyprus to the Senate Floor

Sen. Olympia Snowe Disapproves of State Department Meeting with Talat

75th Anniversary Lecture for St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Hartford, CT by World Renowned Theologian and Scholar, His Grace Bishop Kallistos Ware, 15 October 2006, 5pm: "The Eucharist: A Continual Miracle. How We Prepare for Holy Communion; How Do We Give Thanks?"

Skopjans Protest U.S. House Resolution and Call for Action Alert in Opposition

Skopje Won't Play Ball

Smuggled Ancient Coin Returns to Greece

So That Fr. Andrea Not Be Killed a Second Time

South Australia Premier Rann: Macedonia is as Greek as the Acropolis

Special Encyclical of Archbishop Demetrios for Prayers and Relief Aid for the Victims and Survivors of the Tragic Fires in Greece

Stavridis Appointed NATO Supreme Commander

Stolen 7,000 -Year-Old Portraits Returned to Greece from Germany

Storm Brews Over FYROM Name Issue

Strong Condemnation in Greece for the Act of Violence Against the American Embassy

Study Sees Property Boom for Unified Cyprus

Stunner: Turkey Infiltrating Native American Tribes--and May Get Congressional Help--by Marc.J. Fink of P.J. Media

The Sunday Times of London Details Nuclear Espionage by Turks in U.S.

Sweden Recognizes Assyrian, Greek, and Armenian Genocides

Tackling Anti-Americanism in Greece

Talking Turkey: Israeli Professor Rebukes Turkey

The Task of the Greek Orthodox in America

This George Gets It Right: Clooney to Organize Protest Against Unilateral Declaration of Kosovo Independence

A Thorn by Any Other Name, FYROM

A Touch of the Tyrol on the Pinnacles of the Pindus

Tourism Minister Launches Greek Week in Russia

Tourists Love Greece, Regardless

Trade Mission to Greece

Transport Security Questioned

Travellers from USA May Face Quarantine

Turkey's EU Road Still Rocky

Turkey's Greek Community Grapples with Adversity

Turkish Response to Austrian MP Stadler

Turkish Scholar Discusses Assyrian, Greek, and Armenian Genocide

2007 Wolf Trap Ball to Pay Tribute to Culture, Heritage, and Beauty of Greece

Under the Auspices of H.E. the Ambassador of Greece, the General Secretariat General of Information World Council of Hellenes (SAE/USA) the HANC and the AHI invite you to a Symposium: "Meeting the Needs of Young Greek Americans: Opportunities and Perscpective"

UHAC and Cypriot-American Society to Honor U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe & Cypriot Amb. Euripides Evriviades

Unholy Land Crisis Assails Patriarch

U.S. Commandos in World War II Occupied Greece to be Honored by Hellenic National Defense General Staff at Greek Embassy

Action Alert: U.S. House of Reps FYROM Resolution

US Rep. Frank Pallone and 16 Colleagues Introduce Bill Allowing Cypriot-Americans to Seek Remedies for Properties They Own in Turkish-Occupied Cyprus

Action Alert: U.S. Rep. Maloney Introduces Bill Urging Turkey to Respect Rights of Ecumenical Patriarchate

U.S. Rep. Menendez Commends Passage of Legislation Commemorating Armenian Genocide

U.S. Senators Express Gratitude to the Republic of Cyprus. Senator Menendez leads bipartisan Senate effort in thanking President Papadopoulos for Cypriot help with U.S. Citizens leaving Lebanon

University of Athens Conducts Survey on Greek-American Perceptions of Greek Satellite Programs--Read Announcement--Take Survey

University of Southern California on Fast Track to Become First U.S. University with Endowed Faculty Chairs in All Three Major Areas of Greek History

USA Today Calls Illegal Invasion of Cyprus a "Feud" Between Greeks and Turks

Unrest en Grece

Victoria Parliament of Australia Raises the Genocide of the Greeks

Vote for the Acropolis in the 'New 7 Wonders Campaign'

Voting Rights of Greeks Abroad--by Greek Deputy FoMin Kassimis

What's in a Name - Macedonia’s unresolved title has been an obstacle to Balkan stability - Commentary by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Where Have All The Theological Students Gone?

Whitewashing Paidomazoma [in English]

Whitewashing Paidomazoma [in Greek]

Why Don't We Just Sue the British Museum? A Litigator's Perspective on the Elgin-Patthenon Marbles Debate--by Michael J. Reppas II, Esq.

Will Teachers Call it Quits?

Will The Theological School at Halki Be Reopened?

Will There Be a Greek-America in 2050?

Will Two-Party System Falter?

Women's Choices Reduce Greece's Already Low Birth Rate

The World Cannot Tolerate a Divided Cyprus

World-Renowned Byzantine Historian Angeliki Laiou Passes Away

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