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The Afghan Campaign by Steven Pressfield, author of Gates of Fire and Last of the Amazons--Book Release from Doubleday Publishers

AHI Book Signing and Reception with Eleni Gage--23 June 2005

Aiolika Nea Newspaper of Mytilene Reviews Ships of Mercy

Alex Spanos to Discuss His Book at Hellenic Museum

Ancient Greece: A History in Eleven Cities--by Paul Cartledge

Apollo's Legacy by Effie Lascarides

Apostolides Produces Another Novel: The Lion and the Nurse

Arcadia, My Arcadia by Nicholas Kokonis

Arcadia, My Arcadia: The Talent of One Emigrant [in Greek]

Arcadian Writer Nikos D. Kokonis Receives Prestigious Literary Prize [in Greeek]

Arianna Huffington Turns Spotlight on Corporate Greed, Political Corruption with New Book

At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA--George Tenet's New Book

The Athenian Murders by Jose' Carlos Somoza

Austin Lunch:
Author Constance Constant Engages Readers with Delightful Memoirs About Greek-American Experience

Author Angelique Lampros to Present & Sign New Book on Greeks of Newark, NJ

Author H. Frank Meyer Awarded Medal of Honor

Best Stories Come From The Heart

Bitter Laughter by Panagiotis Malamellis

Black Book: The Tragedy of Pontus, 1914-1922 [large PDF file, 6.36 MB, containing entire book, Adobe Acrobat required to download and view]

Blight of Asia by George Horton--Reprinted by HANC

Boardroom Excellence: A Commonsense Perspective on Corporate Governance--by Paul P. Brountas

Book Release: Regional Greek Cooking by Dean and Catherine Karayanis

Blood and Tears by Dr. George Papavizas

Book Readings & Signings by Author Mary Ziavras

Book Release for The Battle of Marathon by Peter Krentz

Book Review by Christina Voyianni Aiolika, Mytilini

Book Review by Stavros Stavridis of Sofia Kostos' Before the Silence

Books in Greek Announces the Release of "O Mithos tis Ariadnis"

Brand New Edition of Rouvelas Bestseller

Bread Crumb: An Immigrant Story That Will Touch Your Soul

Byzantine Rome and the Greek Popes: a New Book by Dr. Andrew Ekonomou that Examines the Influence of the East on Rome and the Papacy Following the Justinian Reconquest of Italy

Caratzas Publishers Announce Release of Scholarly Volume of Essays Titled Genocide of the Ottoman Greeks

Carved in Stone by Basil Douros

The Cash Nexus by Niall Ferguson

Children of Paradise by Edmund Keeley

Christmas Book Suggestions From Greece In Print

Christos Papoutsy Dispels Myth of 1922 Catastrophe by Catherine Tsounis

Christos Papoutsy Resurrects Asa Jennings and His Ships of Mercy

City of Man's Desire: A Novel about Constantinople by Constance Golna

City of Man's Desire: A Novel of Constantinople to Appear in Greek and Romanian

Claiming Macedonia: The Struggle for the Heritage, Territory and Name of the Historic Hellenic Land, 1862-2004

Code Burgundy The Long Escape--by John Katsaros

Collected Poems of C. P. Cavafy. A New Translation by Aliki Barnstone. Review by David Mason for Athens News

Confusing Words by Peter Kipling Soteres

Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres

The Crimson Knight by Demetrious Glimidakis

Critical Praise for Arcadia, My Arcadia

Deadline in Athens by Petros Markaris

Dinner-Lecture at LMU on March 12

Eating the Greek Way: More Than 100 Fresh and Delicious Recipes from Some of the Healthiest People in the World-By Dr. Fedon Alexander Lindberg, M.D.

Ecclesia - Greek Orthodox Churches of the Chicago Metropolis by Panos Fiorentinos

An Economical Cavafy

Ecumenical Patriarch's book, "Encountering the Mystery," Now Available

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Orthodox Christianity Under Siege--by Christos Papoutsy

Encountering Women of Faith: The St. Catherine's Vision, Vol. I, edited by Kyriaki Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Encountering Women of Faith: St. Catherine's Vision, Vol. I, edited by Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald, Ph.D.--Book Release

Encountering Women of Faith: The St. Catherine's Vision Collection, Vol. 1. A Book Review by Marilyn Rouvelas.

An Evening of Songs and Poetry by Theodorakis

Eurydice Street: A Place in Athens by Sofka Zinovieff

The Fall of Troy by Peter Ackroyd-A Book Review by Jonathan Carr

Favorite Recipes from a Greek American Family--by Dorothy Bezemes

The Feasts of Memory: Stories of a Greek Family-Book Review

First and Second Corinthians: A Study of Paul's Letters--by Barbara Pappas

A Fitting Tribute to Venizelos-Book Review

Footsteps Through Athina: A Traveler's Guide to Athens and Greek Culture by Angelyn Balodimas-Bartolomei, Ph.D

Foreign Territory, by Dino Siotis

Fratzeska by Chrishoula Demetrakakis

From Our Hearts to Your Table: Favorite Recipes from a Greek American Family by Dorothy Bezemes

From Peddlers to B
ankers: The Greeks in American Fiction

The Ghosts of Plaka Beach

Global Hellenism: a New Periodical for the Global Greek [in Greek]

God and the Problem of Evil: Socratic Dialogues on Theodicy--by Tolly Kizilos

Greece and the New Balkans, edited by Van Coufoudakis et al

Greece: Books and Writers--a Free Multipart Publication by the Greek Ministry of Culture

Greece, the Next 300 Years

Greek Americans Protest Asia Minor Decree Revision

Greek-English and English-Greek Electronic Dictionary Now Available for Mobile Devices

Greek Fire: The Story of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis, by Nicholas Gage

Greek History in Context

Greek Traditions, by Marilyn Rouvelas

The Greek-Turkish War 1919-23: An Australian Perspective by Stavros T. Stavridis

The Greek War of Independence, by Peter Paroulakis

History of Anatolia College: 1933-1950--by Alice S. Riggs

Insider Account of Cypriot Negotiations: An International Relations Debacle, by Claire Palley

An Interview with Victor Davis Hanson

John Trikeriotis of The Leonidas Expeditions Reviews Book by Sir Compton Mackenzie

John Trikeriotis Reviews The Battle of Marathon

Kali Orexi--
Latest Edition of Popular Maine Greek-American Cookbook--Now Available

Kokonis Presents in Canada

Kalloni Lesvos Greece Host Ships of Mercy Book Presentation

Leadership Through Strategic Planning--by Annabel Beerel, Ph.D.

Lili Bita's Sister of Darkness Published by Somerset House Press, Author to Speak in Philadelphia

The Lion and the Nurse--by Patty Apostolides

The Lions' Gate: Selected Poems of Titos Patrikios

Living My Dream, a Fascinating Autobiography by George C. Kyros--Book Release

The Lonely Path of Integrity, by Justine Frangouli-Argyris

Loose Weather, a Collection of Poetry by Robert Herschbach, Receives 2013 Jean Feldman Poetry Prize Awarded by Washington Writers' Publishing House

Love and Profit. The Art of Caring Leadership

Marathon--a Fictional Novel by W. William Winokur Steeped in Mythology and Mystery about One Womans Discovery of Herself Through Ancient Myths, Lost Journals, Impossible Loves, and Timeless Souls.

The Mechanism of Catastropher: The Turkish Pogram of September 6-7, 1955 and the Destruction of the Greek Community of Istanbul


Metropolitan Methodios of Boston Marks 25th Anniversary of Enthronement; Reception and Presentation of Festal Volume, Legacy of Achievement

Mixed Grill or Grab Bag? A Review by Dino Siotis. (Modern Poetry in Translation-Greece? by David Ricks)

The Mystical as Political. Democracy and Non-Radical Orthodoxy--Latest Book by Aristotle Papanikolaou

A New Book Release: Code Burgundy The Long Escape by John Katsaros

New Book Chronicles the History of Greek Americans of Cleveland, Ohio

New Greek-English/English Greek Electronic Lexicon

New Hampshire Business Review Interviews Mr. Papoutsy

New Issue of Celebrated Literary Journal to Focus on Greek-Americans

New Orthodox Christian Bookstore Online from Netherlands--texts in English, French, Dutch, & Russian

North of Ithaka by Eleni Gage

Notice of Forthcoming Publication: Ships of Mercy: The True Story of the Greeks, Smyrna September 1922 by Christos Papoutsy

Novel Depicts Wartime Adventures, Romance

November 17 - Facts and Fiction

On a Voiceless Shore, by Stephen Minta

Onassis in the Dock Again

Once Upon a Corporation: Leadership Insights from Short Stories - Tolly Kizilos

On Teaching About the Greek American Experience

100 Years of Faith and Fervor by Constantine Skedros

"100 Years of Faith and Fervor" of Greeks in Salt Lake City

Other Candle Lights. Poems by John Manesis

Out of Arcadia, Sequel to Arcadia, My Arcadia, Hot Off the Press

Out of the Balkans, by Jason C. Mavrovitis

Pan-Macedonian Association of the U.S. Publishes Two Critical Books on Macedonia--The Macedonia File: The Greek Minority in the FYROM Under Bondage and Macedonia--Evdence (color version)

"Paradise Lost" Writer Giles Milton Presents Horror of Smyrna Catastrophe

A Parnassian Chronicle--Book Review by Jonathan Carr of Pyrofani Poems

Perfidious Albion?

Poetry by Chrishoula Demetrakakis

Project Hellas: A Greek M
usical Odyssey

'Radically New' Greek Dictionary on Course for Completion

Recollections of Survival

Recording Life Like Willa Cather: A Review by William Graddy, Ph.D. of Arcadia, My Arcadia

The Rage of Achilles by Terence Hawkins

Regional Greek Cooking--by Dean and Catherine Karayanis

Remember Us by Jason C. Mavrovitis Click here to view or download book announcement (pdf file)

Remembering the Asia Minor Catastrophe: 2010 Christos Papoutsy Lecture at the Stathakion--by Catherine Tsounis

Review by Dr. Catherine Tsounis of Very Rev. John Antonopoulos' The Community of St. Demetrios and its Place in the Church of America: 1927-2006.

Review by John Trikeriotis of Paul Cartledge's Ancient Greece: A History in Eleven Cities

A Review by Marilyn Rouvelas of Encountering Women of Faith: The St. Catherine VIsion Collection, Vol. 1

Review by Stavros Stavridis of Sofia Kostos' Before the Silence:Archival New Reports of the Christian Holocaust That Begs to Be Remembered

Review of Ships of Mercy by Dr. Dennis R. Herschbach

Review of The Battle of Marathon by Peter Krentz. Reviewed by John Trikeriotis.

Review of The Greeks of Today 1907 by George Horton and Republished by Hellenic Electronic Center

Riveting Account of Greek Civil War Due Soon from Fairleigh Dickinson University Press--The Ghosts of Plaka Beach--by Stylianos Perrakis, Ph.D.

Running On Empty

Sappho Translations

Schliemann's Search for the "First City"--A Book Review by Jonathan Carr of Peter Ackroyd's The Fall of Troy

Secret War: True Story of Wartime Espionage to Receive English Translation

Ships of Mercy Reviewed--A Must Read for Everyone [Sophia Nibi, The Hellenic Voice]

Ships of Mercy Reviewed by Four Seasons, Quarterly Publication of the Asia Minor Society of Kalloni, Lesvos, Greece [in Greek]

Ships of Mercy Reviewed by Literary Critic Rebecca Rule (Review Appeared in the Sunday, September 7th Nashua Telegraph

Ships of Mercy Reviews by Professor Stavrakoglou and Gdontellis

Ships of Mercy: The True Story of the Rescue of the Greeks, Smyrna September 1922--by Christos Papouutsy

Ships of Mercy-Click here for more details

Smyrna 1922: The Destruction of a City--A Review of Marjorie Housepian Dobkin's Book by Chris and Mary Papoutsy

Sometimes, History Books Offer a Surprise: A Review of Christos Papoutsy's Ships of Mercy [Rebecca Rule, Reviewer, Nashua Telegraph]

The Song of Hellas--Book Release

SNHU Shines with Strategic Leadership

Speaking to God--New Book by Archbishop Demetrios

Spectators. Photographs by Ilias Bourgiotis. Text by George Vecsey

Spinning Myth Back into History: Review of David Brewer's Greece: The Hidden Centuries and William St. Clair's That Greece Might Still Be Free

The Spirit of Kalivas Park [Manchester, New Hampshire]--Book by Spiros Plentzas and Dr. Chris Kehas

St. Catherine's Vision Launches Encountering Women of Faith, Vol. II--by Marilyn Rouvelas

Surveillance in Greece From Anticommunist to Consumer Surveilance. Excerpts from a book by Minas Savatas.

Tradition and Change

Travels with Herodotus--by Ryszard Kapuscinski

Two Masters of Allusion: A Review of Travels With Herodotus by Ryszard Kapuscinski

Tsarouchis: the Face of Modern Greece

Uncertain Journey,by James Rouman

Underwater Dreams: A Modern Greek Tragedy by Dr. James Rouman

An Unforgettable Story of Survival

The Virtue of War by Steven Pressfield

A War Like No Other - How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War by Victor Davis Hanson

War, Suffering, and Tea on the Porch: Sarah Rees' Review of Riggs' A History of Anatolia College: 1933-1950.

Well-received novel by James Rouman, Uncertain Journey, follows the perilous journey of an illegal immigrant.

Well-Reviewed, Hardbound Cookbook by Ladies Philoptochos of Denver: A Festival of Greek Flavors: A Mediterranean Culinary Adventure

Why Don't We Just Sue the British Museum? A Litigator's Perspective on the Elgin-Patthenon Marbles Debate--by Michael J. Reppas II, Esq.

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